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Staying Under the Radar

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In most seasons, I get very annoyed when we get very little press coverage or are ignored by the media. However, this season it may work to our advantage to be left alone to do the business and become silently invisible. This would take undue pressure off our team and left Lambert and Co. get on with it.

Already there is more media attention to Swansea and QPR and that is fine with me. The bookies have us as least favourites for the upcoming season and that will obviously make us the underdog in all our matches.

In my crystal ball however, I can see Lambert finding a way to win more games than the media expects and therefore draw more attention.

What are all your thoughts on this?

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Im enjoying it, the new is being kept within the County for the most part and expectations are being held... we are signing players but at the same time no crazy statements of intent are being made. On the other hand you have Swansea, a team i rate and fear, falling apart as players jump ship, and QPR with Colin saying how they keep missing out on signings and are struggling and Tarrbat more than likely to leave. Certainly feel in terms of the transfer market we have been the strongest so far, Swansea have gone all out with Graham but one sigining wont keep you up (Cough Huckerby last time cough).

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