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Reported Leon Osman bid

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I was six rows from the front for the "Ian Ross" game and it still makes my blood boil that he never apologised for getting it totally wrong. I seem to remember even many Evertonians were nonplussed online, having heard what we were really chanting towards Rooney inside the stadium-so i don`t hold it against the club as a whole.

As for Osman- he walk walk into our team simply because of the "been there+done it" factor but that does not mean he is much better than our current players ability-wise. It wouldn`t surprise me if we do end up with an older,experienced Prem player and i think that, whoever it is, people should bare in mind that Lambert will pick one as much on attitude, personality and spirit as innate ability.

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I would defiantly agree that he has the potential to be a

top player. When he first burst onto the scene for Everton, becoming the

youngest ever prem goal scorer at 16 from off the bench with a few minutes

remaining against Crystal Palace (ironically), people straight away thought of

Rooney and for many fans he filled the gap that a lot of us were still bitter


Vaughn has all the attributes to be a top striker, fast, strong, aggressive,

good positioning, sometimes lacked the finish but that’s something that he will

get better at with time and experience.

A series of unfortunate injuries stunted his growth early on which stopped him

being integrated into a semi regular role in the first team but he always had

the right attitude as well as the core attributes he has to make a successful career

for himself. He has always been a part of the England set up for good reason

and if he stays injury free and gets experience there is no doubt in my mind

that he will become at the very least an accomplished premier league striker.

I think I speak for all Evertonians here by saying that genuinely wish him good

luck and hope he makes good of himself, he gave us something to hope for again

after Rooney leaving, he got a great attitude and gives nothing less than 100%.

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[quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Smudger"]This time last year most people thought that the Championship was too much of a step up for us to have an iummediate impact there... look at how that turned out.  I am confident that we will challenge all but the best that the Prem has to offer all season long![/quote]Bit worrying, that.  I hope you''re not going to return to "Sack the Board"/"sack the manager" mode when we spend most of the season in sixteenth place, which is roughly where most of us believe we''ll be.[/quote]There won''t be any need Chopsy, because we will be doing far better than that me thinks!I would see us staying up in 16th or 17th spot as reasonable, but expect that we willfar surpass that this coming season and expect us to challenge all but the best that the Prem has to offer.  The vast majority of the Premiership really isn''t that good and it is this blown up over emphasis on how great it is by pundits, fans and many promoted managers that is the main reason for a good proportion of teams being relegated in their first couple of seasons for me.I don''t think for one minute that we will come even remotely close to falling in to this trap under McNally, Lambert and Culverhouse.I am sure that they are confident in the ability of the squad that they are building to more than hold their own at this level (just as they were last season, when the vast majority of our fans were thinking that mid-table consolidarity or a top 10 finish was the best that we could hope for).I think that we could have the best British Manager since at keast O''Neill and Leicester didn''t have too many problems under him in the Premiership did they???

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Thankyou DaveM, all Evertonians are clearly singing from the same hymn sheet regarding Vaughan, their analysis of the player being identical, I think we''ve got ourselves a bargain there from the Goodison academy. Good luck for next season.

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