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  1. I would defiantly agree that he has the potential to be a

    top player. When he first burst onto the scene for Everton, becoming the

    youngest ever prem goal scorer at 16 from off the bench with a few minutes

    remaining against Crystal Palace (ironically), people straight away thought of

    Rooney and for many fans he filled the gap that a lot of us were still bitter


    Vaughn has all the attributes to be a top striker, fast, strong, aggressive,

    good positioning, sometimes lacked the finish but that’s something that he will

    get better at with time and experience.

    A series of unfortunate injuries stunted his growth early on which stopped him

    being integrated into a semi regular role in the first team but he always had

    the right attitude as well as the core attributes he has to make a successful career

    for himself. He has always been a part of the England set up for good reason

    and if he stays injury free and gets experience there is no doubt in my mind

    that he will become at the very least an accomplished premier league striker.

    I think I speak for all Evertonians here by saying that genuinely wish him good

    luck and hope he makes good of himself, he gave us something to hope for again

    after Rooney leaving, he got a great attitude and gives nothing less than 100%.

  2. At the end of the say Osman''s value to Everton is a lot more

    than his value to Norwich (as well as most other teams for that matter)

    For Everton he is a hugely experienced player in the top flight, really good

    squad player, good attitude, has been at the club for 10 years and reflects the

    clubs ethos.

    For Norwich he would add some valuable prem experience and may or may not

    improve the team/fit in effectively to Norwich''s style of play.

    Taking in consideration his age and the risk of a new player becoming a success

    in a new team, clubs may rightly or wrongly value Osman at £3-6mil. For Everton

    however (at least to me as an Everton fan) he would be worth more because of

    his importance to our team and the role he plays in our club on and of the


    For example, take the Lescott situation, was Lescott worth £24mil?? £7million

    more than Dani Alvez? Obviously not. However on the back of a 5th spot finish

    and an FA Cup final, going into the season with only 2 fit centre back’s

    (Lescott being one of them) his intangible value to Everton was huge, resulting

    in a hugely inflated transfer fee.

    Therefore it could be suggested that the value of Osman to Everton is more then

    what could be realistically expected of Norwich (or most other clubs) to pay

    out. In conclusion I think Norwich could get better value for their money elsewhere

    and that’s in no way a discredit to Osman as a player, if anything it’s a

    compliment to how highly he is held amongst Evertonians and club alike.

    P.S. I have family in Norwich and have been there many

    times,  I didn''t see anyone with webbed

    hands and I’m sure when you come to Goodison you’ll leave with your hub caps intact.

    Good look with the next season, and I hope Vaughny manages to full-fill his

    potential (just not when he plays against us!)