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Snakepit Lass

All Norwich fans.....

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If you haven''t seen it already, I give you Ipswich Kenny he lives in Norwich and works Norwich market stall, He is a twin, he use to support Norwich but then went to Ipswich. If you have some time on your hands to give these video''s a look you won''t be let down... these are soooooo funny









Go in order and they will tell a story the last one is the very latest... the guy who films them is a Norwich Fan. Search ipswich kenny for more videos

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[quote user="Snakepit Lass"]What do you think of our ex Norwich fan? Bless him[/quote]This has been mentioned a few times on the Pink un and I have actually seen most of the clips, but thanks for posting as I needed a good laugh again.He''s nearly as good as the "Norwich city are going to hell" one, mind you can''t see anyone topping him as an Ipswich fan. 

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