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  1. It''s a decent enough point. All goalkeeper make errors occasionally. We can point also to Man Utd''s new goalkeeper David de Gea, had looked error prone so far.Ruddy however was near faultless against Stoke.
  2. Haha that''s hilarious.They must have a combines IQ of about 10. It''s like reading a Leeds message board, but with far fewer fans.
  3. I wouldn''t be too shocked to see this move happen next week, regardless of Wenger''s recent comments.
  4. Where would one find these highlights?Don''t say Canaries player ;)
  5. Oh dear, what a dreadful and incredibly biased, self pitying piece of nothingness.
  6. Not so much lazy as incompetent.Still, we shouldn''t be surprised.
  7. Oh dear, oh dear.What a dreadful, dreadful paper the Daily Drivel is. Worst paper in the country by a mile. Would rather read the bloody Star!
  8. If only the Barclay could sing OTBC at that pace rather than trying to rush through it.
  9. Worst commentary ever. Perhaps Andy Gray had a good point...... ;)
  10. How have I not seen these before? Classic stuff, absolute comedy gold.
  11. [quote user="Nexus_Canary"]Guys can we stop attention seeking and just put it all in one thread ???OP:  thanks I read Wiki last night......[/quote]Good for you. I didn''t.Decent enough post.
  12. [quote user="Harry"][quote user="Canary Boy"]could he cut it at Championship level, let alone the top flight. [/quote]He cut it in the Championship last season.[/quote]That''s rather debatable.
  13. "Not so busy that they pose a threat."That sounds about right. Typical cowardly Leeds Scum.
  14. Say what you like about the bloke, what he did was incredibly unprofessional.
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