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Canary till I die!


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I realise all the chat at the mo is about who the new

manager will be but I just decided to point out what a negative affect some of

our fans are having on our team. I think they need to look up what the word

supporter means. I don’t mind people using this forum to express their views

but to boo players during a match especially from an early point in the game is

one of the stupidest things a fan can do. Since when does booing make people

feel or perform better compared to the massive buzz and boost of thousands of

fans cheering you on? Players realise when they’re playing bad or if they’ve

made a mistake, none of them think its going well if your 2 down inside the

first 15mins, but as fans we can give them a real lift by showing we still

believe in them. By getting on peoples backs, booing them, or ironic cheers

your just going to make it harder for them, even more crazy is booing players

as they are subbed on, before they’ve even touched a ball. Who on earth thinks

booing your own team will do anything to improve the performance, its like

petulant children throwing their toys out of a pram. Yes we have a huge fan

base, great stadium and fantastic training facilities; yes we should be doing a

hell of a lot better than League 1. But it’s a solid set of fans, fully

supporting and cheering on their team and ALL of the players that will be a key

part of making our way back up the leagues, it’s a belief in players ability

and fans who lift their spirits that will help. If some of our fans carry on

they way they have been expect to see us continuing to sink, whomever we

appoint. We need faith and SUPPORT to help our team, start encouraging and

getting behind the boys! I don’t care if we’re 0-5 down at half time, that

doesn’t suddenly change how human behaviour and psychology works. 20, 000 fans

standing up at the start of the second half and singing WE’RE GONA WIN 6-5

WE’RE GONA WIN 6-5 is gona up their performances and get them believing in

themselves a hell of a lot more than booing and jeering our keeper. So if u

wana come to the game to get on our players backs and boo as soon as things get

tough, don’t bother stay at home and shout at your radio, we need a stadium of

believers and SUPPORTERS to get us up and out of league 1.

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Nicely put, yes.  But definitely the wrong place to share such sentiments. There is a very large percentage of posters on here who are far more interested in boardroom wranglings, club politics and their own over inflated ego''s to have the slightest interest in the supporting the team and their performance on the pitch.  In fact most of them haven''t seen the team on the pitch in a very longtime.

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Im glad people agree, just to point out about the 5-0, dont get me wrong i was very upset at half time and we''d played very poor, and im not saying we cheer them off the pitch at the end of the half. My point is just that clearly they know how poor they''ve been and how they''ve let us down, so coming back out to a rousing reception with 20,000+ fans who seem to believe u can turn it round is a far greater motivator than booing them back out.

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Now we have our new manager its more important than ever that we get behind them and stay behind them 100% during the games, give him some time and so him what fantastic fans we can be, not ones that turn against our team when they need us most!

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I wish you''d have a chat with the ginger tw@t who sits behind me and continuously shouts sentences that always end with w@nker

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