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Player ratings 2008/09

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Player Ratings 2008/09

My personal ratings for some of the 1st team this season, feel free to add your own.

Poor season, looking likely to get relegated so there won''t be many high marks from me.

Marshall - 5     His biggest problem is his confidence, can produce but not consistent enough. Played every game.

Semmy - 4      2-3 excellent games, but this has been a rarity, got pace but seems scared to show it, Roeder destroyed his confidence.

Drury - 5         Not done much wrong, but not had a decent run in the team because of injury. Not the same player as he once was.

Croft - 6.5      Voted player of the season, high on effort and attitude but as we all know his ability to cross the ball is not always on offer.

Clingan - 7      Strong, clever minded and tactically aware with a mean shot, will surly be sold in the summer, sometimes doesn''t play it forward as much as i like.

Doherty - 7      I think he has been good for majority of the games, still prone to fouling too much and the odd mistake - will be sold if we go down.

Hoolahan - 6.5   Gifted but slow start to season, sadly injured when at his best. Not seen the best of him yet, hopefully will stay on next season.

Russell - 6      Pros: Gives his all for majority of games, got scoring potential, Cons: Poor discipline, doesn''t score enough. overall ok season.

Bertrand - 6   Steady but no man of the match performances, hard to see him play top prem footie in the near future, fair chmpionship level though.

Pattison - 5.5   Very up and down season, off feild problems, but put in some battling performances before Roeder left but hasn''t been seen since and prob never again.

Gow - 5         Can play well at his best, but seems distant now, no real fight. No goals,  no real pace.

Mooney - 6   Few goals scored, ok performances - like to see him stay next season.

Shackell - 7.5   Back from Wolves and back to his best. Loves the club but unlikely to stay if we go down. He is Good championship level.

Fozzy  - 4      Liked him at the start of the season but poor, very poor as the season went on. Bye bye

Cureton - 4   Confidence shot, poor scoring record and just not good enough, which is a shame, loves playing for city but needs to be off loaded.

Lappin - Not enough games to assess.

McDonald - 6   Looking good for next season, quick with bags of potential.

Like to hear other peoples ratings, dont have to give a summary though.   

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[quote user="Dogger in Div 1"]

Player Ratings 2008/09

I thought i would give mine.....

Marshall - 6     Made mistakes but spent half of the season in front of a ramshackle defence.

Semmy - 4      A better player then he has shown. Agreed, Roeder has ruint his season.

Omnuzi - 3      Every time he played he seemed to be at fault for a goal. Made Semmy look world class.

Drury - 4        In my opinion passed it. Is a better player when he has a top class left winger in front of him *cough cough*

Croft - 6         Brilliant effort in what will turn out to be his last season for us. A good champs player, nothing more nothing less. No Hucks.

Clingan - 8      We would have been relegated by now without Clingan. Immense player, better than Francis, Etuhu. Best centre mid we have had for years.

Doherty - 7      Has been one of our most consistent, looked more confident under Gunn. Shown everybody what he is - A good centre back.

Hoolahan - 5    Has spent half of the season strutting about throwing tantrums. Not what you need from one of your most talented attackers.

Russell - 6        Misdirected talent. Some pure moments of stupidity. I like the boy, and want him to stay, but he needs to grow up sometimes.

Bertrand - 6     At the start of the season I would be expecting to give him a 9. Thought he was the next Ashley Cole, instead he is the next Adam Drury.

Pattison - 5      Overweight, slow, everything he didnt look before we signed him on a permanent. Shape up or ship up.

Gow - 6        Struggled to cope with pressure, but bags of potential and one that I would like to stay for his versitality.

Mooney - 7   Some essential goals, the best goal scorer at the club, and one that we have to try and keep.

Shackell - 8    The player that we have needed ALL season. Again, we would be down already if he hadnt come back to lead by example. Disgrace that we sold.

Fozzy  - 1      A scumbag, half hearted efforts, big pay cheques, doesnt give a sh*t about the club or its fans and one of the least charismatic players that we have ever had.

Cureton - 3   Confidence destroyed, age got the best of him. Top bloke, sub standard player...... nowadays anyway.

Lappin - 5    Came in out of the cold and had kept himself fit and sharp. Cant grumble at that.

McDonald - 6   Is going to be a big big player for us next year, but needs to learn when to pass the ball.

Siberski - 3    The most dissapointing player of the year award should go to this man.

Lupoli - 6    A massively talented goalscorer who should have played 46 games for us this season. We would have stayed up with his goals.

Carney -4     A poor mans Mark Rivers, lost half of the time, does the odd good thing.

Lee - 6    Has come in and worked hard, I would have him next year.

Like to hear other peoples ratings, dont have to give a summary though.   


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If 5.5 is having an average season, then I feel your ratings are very, very generous to a team teetering on the brink of relegation.

Marshall 5.5 Some brilliant saves, some brilliant clangers

Semmy 3 Has the potential but not the attitude

Drury 4 Has very rarely played but when he has, has looked a pale shadow of the ''best fullback outside the Premiership''

Stefanovic 6 Looked good until his injury.

Croft 6.5 Good hustle and bustle but rarely any end product

Klingon 7 Has shown skill, passion and robbed of POTS

Cureton 4 Confidence shot by Grant and then Roeder. Missed countless opportunities but in his defence, is a player that relies on help from others

Doherty 6.5 Often jeered and ridiculed and would be the first to admit his technical limitations but also gives his all. Some crucial blocks at crucial moments

Hoolahoop 6.5 Often played as a forward so knocked around and loses high balls. When played as a left winger, looks very good but often a page in front of his team-mates

Fozzy 2.5 Professional footballer?! Ex-Celtic?! Club captain?!

Lappin 5.5 I''m not martyring him but has looked handy when rarely played

Rusty 6 See ''Croft''

Bertrand 5.5 Average season. Only 19 though so fair enough

Fatty Matty Patty 6 Surprised he was dropped so quickly by Brap. Gets his foot in and gets about. This Norwich team often lacks bite and he gives us that aspect

Nelson n/a Might as well have stuck Rudd on the bench all season

MacDonald 5.5. Scored a goal. Big whoop. I genuinely hope he goes on to be a goal machine but fail to see what everyone is getting so worked up about.

Cort 6. His job is to be tall and win headers. He does this.

The loans: Shackell 7, Kennedy 6.5, Sibierski 4, Killen 1, Carney 5, Grounds 7, Gow 6.5, Lupoli 6.5, Mooney 6.5, Omozusi 4, Lee 6.5, Leijer (sp?) 5, Archibald Henville Smythe -1, Koroma 2, Lita 8

The departed: Chadwick 4, Bell 7

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Player Ratings 2008/09

My personal ratings for some of the 1st team this season, feel free to add your own.

Poor season, looking likely to get relegated so there won''t be many high marks from me.

Marshall - 6    Saved us more points than he cost,  not as bad as some make out,  but not a £m player either.

Semmy - 3      Simply never good enough.  Has pace,  but also sleep walks too often and defensively so poor he makes Jurgen Colin look like Cafu.  SOOO many goal conceeded from crosses from his flank or to his far post. 

Drury - 5         SImply not the since his injury

Croft - 6       Only Hughes has ever strived to create such a larger gap between effort and ability.  Nearly 200 crosses and still a fraction o ft he assist that Bell got in a tenth of the time on the pitch. 

Clingan - 6   Some much promise but beleived his own hype and petered out disappearing in a circle of his own making in teh middle of the park.  Too infrequently a 9 out of 10 show he can do it,  too often an ineffective follower of the ball without doing anything with it. Together with his central midfield partners lost his midfield runner too often  costing us at least a dozen goals this season      

Doherty - 7      Solid, committed gutsy and only consistent player to give his all this season - My POTS

Hoolahan - 5.5   Floundered under ROeder - started to win us games when klcked out of the season.  If relegated we wont see him again - unless his injury means he is not fit until Oct ish.

Russell - 4      Hot headed ineffective ball watcher. 

Bertrand - 6   Improved under Gunn - would live to see him stay but can we afford him?

Pattison - 5.   So little qaulity - but we wont see him again

Gow - midfield - 4          Ineffective

Gow - striker - 7  Dangerous when near their goal,  excellent link up play and gives us movement up front;   will never ever ever ever understand why we win 2 games on the trot with mooney and gow up front and offering us REAL striking threat and movement that we then break up that partnership at the first opportunity. Would love but are unlikely to sign him - if we did he would be wasted in midfield 

Mooney - 6  Knows where the goal is - too good for us in League one.

Shackell - as an owned player - 4; uncommitted and disinterested - best to sell 

Shackell -7 - rejuvenated and finally aware that the grass is not always greener.  Too good for league one

Fozzy  - 5     Too similar to Clingan;  they stifled each other ability.   Fozzy at least had a positive impact on games,  assists, passes forward without touching and turning first,  no slowing of play, etc that dogged clingans performances.  But not good enough. 

Cureton - 4   Top striker we owened - with 2 goals. Woeful

Cort 6 Played himself to fitness,  but too slow and reduces us to a direct game that does not suit us.  Could be useful next season in league one.

Lappin 4 - squad player at very best.

McDonald - 5.5   Looking good for next season, quick with bags of potential but showed against reading HOW much he still has to learn.

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marshall- 5.5

Semmi- 3





Hoolahan-5 got injured as he was getting good, twice!







Stefanovic 6

Kennedy 6

Grounds 7

Drury 5

Omosuzi 5

Chadwick 2

Fozzy 1

Patty 3

Cureton 2

Cort 6

Leijer 5

Gow 5.5

Mooney 6

Carney 4

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