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Norwich City Reserves v Colchester United Reserves

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A friendly between the two clubs takes place tonight - kick off 7.30 p.m. at Carrow Road.

I believe U''s caretaker manager Kit Symons is planning to travel so, in Colchester''s current situation, there may be one or two players seeking to impress.

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[quote user="can u sit down please"]Lee Clark said last nite at the forum that he had spoken to Col''s manager and he is expecting a strong side to travel up. Should be a good test for us.[/quote]

We''re only playing little colchester![:D]

Sorry Cam

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[quote user="macdougalls perm"]I would have gone to this but I already have a pitch booked to play tonight. You going Cam?[/quote]

Working, as usual, I''m afraid. 

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[quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Working so late Cam??  All work and no play tsk tsk [;)][/quote]

I''m on every night, seven nights a week.  That''s why I am such a popular employer.....the staff just go home.[:|]

Anyway I''m sure you (and the Sultan, of course) will be delighted to know that The End of the World has been officially delayed until next year because the Cern Collider is completely ****** and had to be towed to a local garage (by an Aviva subsidiary, as we understand as part of the Get You Home To Creation service) where the following conversation took place:

John: "Hello, Professor.  Well, we''ve had a look at your Motor and, to be straight wiv you mate, it''s not good news."

Professor: "It isn''t?"

John: "No, we''ve never seen anyfink like it, have we Cyril?"

(Enter Cyril, shaking head).

John: "See what''s happened Prof is one of your Magnets has worked loose and it''s hit your Quench....see for yourself."

Bewildered Professor peers into Collider.

"See all them bearings mate - stripped off and see those pitted bits on the chamber.  They''ll all have to be beaten out."

Professor: "Well look can you repair it?"

John: "Oh yeah, Prof, but I tell you now it''ll cost."

Prof: "The money''s not really a problem............."

John: "It''s good you say that because I wanna be straight with you."

Prof: "Can you get a replacement part?"

John: "I was coming to that.  Problem is with the Quench.  Unipart used to do one but they stopped about two years ago cos there wasn''t much demand for them."

Disappointed Prof: "There wasn''t?"

John: "Don''t get me wrong Proff - it''s a great Motor but they never sold that many you know."

Prof nods.

John: "Don''t worry mate.  If we can''t find a secondhand one we''ll get one made.  Cyril''s got a mate up on the Greenstead Estate (Cyril nods) - bloke called Don, used to be a Pattern Maker for Fords."

Prof nods.

Prof: "And you''ve got the expertise to install this, to put it right?"

John, slightly insulted: "Expertise?"  In Cyril you have here one of the acknowledged Masters."

Prof smiles at Cyril.

John: "This is a man who''s been 40 years in the Motor Trade.  Go on Cyril tell him how many Colliders you have put together in that time.................

(Apart from that, as you can see, there''s not a lot happening at the moment but who knows..........)



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