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Proves what we are

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On 28/01/2024 at 16:08, hogesar said:

Yeah and you're a massive racist,  I don't get what your point is. If it's that we are considerably worse than Liverpool then yeah, shocking.. 

You think he's a massive racist? Personally I think he's probably very small with a massive insecurity complex.

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On 28/01/2024 at 16:02, bringbackchippy said:


A bang average at best, championship side.

Shows are poor players, Stacey, Fastnack, Hernandez, Barnes, Gibson. Shows the players that give the ball away in bad areas, Fastnack, Mcallum, McLean and Stacey. 

I know it's Liverpool but....

Why didn't he start with Sainz?? A question of how many l fear

Phew! At least we weren't playing the mighty Maidstone, 'eh Bringbackchippy. 

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On 28/01/2024 at 16:46, Kenny Foggo said:

So no one expected us to beat one of the best sides in Europe, even if they did field a far from 1st eleven.

BUT, our defending is appalling and not getting better. Surely a decent coach improves players? 

And we are so passive, two banks of players that don't press or tackle and give the ball away all the time.

As someone that watched Sutton and Co take on the best, it's depressing to see us so meh!

As all the other pundits have said they expected a lot more from us..so do I and many others.

Wagner has had his time, time to plan for next season.

Today was a sobering watch.




As someone who also saw Sutton and Co take on the best, we sure fell off a cliff once MW left for Everton.  We were a fantastic force under him.  After that we were waiting to go down.  It was cruel the way that it happened - injury for Gunn, Marshall being good but inexperienced and the ‘2 up 4 down’ format for that season, but we were a shadow of the Bayern killers from the season before.  Take your rose tinted hindsight specs off.

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