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mat gore

Msg for Neil Doncaster

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I hate to break it to you but I think the unity ship has sailed.

Most fans seem to have gone beyond angry at whats happening to total apathy.

The reason these rumours abound is because when things go wrong people look for reasons.

When we were relegated from the prem last time I heard some shocking rumours.  The thing is rumours

will keep popping up at the moment because things don''t add up.

Almost everyone I know thinks Nigel Worthington made many serious mistakes last year that contributed to

relegation but he is the man that turned us round and took us up.  This year is a different matter.  As the EDP put

it "No Excuses".  Yet all we''ve heard is excuses.

Pre-season the most pessimistic person I spoke to said we''d finish 8th.  Now I don''t know a single person who thinks

we''ll finish as high as 8th and many think we''ll go down. 

The performance of the team has been so far below expectations that given Nigel Worthington hasn''t been fired or even

apparantly under pressure people are trying to find possible reasons. The ones we''ve been told simply don''t hold water.

My own **guess** would be that NW didn''t want to allow Damien ''Judas'' Francis to force a move by going on strike as it undermines morale and allows high paid stars to think they can leave whether we are promoted or not.  He got over-ruled for reasonable financial reasons and the problems he predicted have come about and the board don''t feel able to sack him.

If I wanted to truly believe this Rick Waghorn''s last 2 columns would confirm it.

The things is that was just a guess and almost certainly wrong but its credible. 

Until the fans are told something that really makes sense or the teams performance improves massively (play-offs minimum), these rumours will continue in one form or another.  If we get told we''re top of the league because Dean Ashton has a lucky sock nobody will doubt its true  or care but if the team isnt performing for this length of time and changes arent being made then general opinion is  either the board have no clue or theres something we''re not being told.  That doesn''t just apply to Norwich but to any underperforming club in the country and we arein my opinion the worst performing club in the country (for our division/playing sqaud).

Oh and Please Please Please, put a clause in the players contracts forbidding them giving interviews about ''turning corners''  or backing worthy, or this ones for the fans or we know it wasnt acceptable but next time will be better.  ''Flemings rallying cry'' was a running joke on wrath of the barclay by late August, its now well beyond parody.



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Why shouldn''t players be free to express their opinions, just as you are? Just because they don''t say what you want to hear shouldn''t invalidate it as an opinion, and in some cases they will know more about the situation than you. For example, professional footballers will know the severe problems presented by not having a stable team due to injuries. You may think that they''re wrong about that, or that they''re just making excuses, but a look at the teams that are doing well, as well as our own experience two seasons ago, suggests that they''re correct. And if they think the manager is doing a good job, they should be free to say that, however much we disagree.

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Your comments seem to make far more sense than those on Radio Norfolk this evening by one of our directors Skipper.

He said that of the last sixty games played if just four results had been different  supporters wouldn''t be asking questions of NW he went on to say had we won one of the games we drew in the Premiership we would still be there and had the results of three games this season gone in our favour we would be in the play off places. Sorry Mr Skipper but fact is we didn''t and the standard of play is pathetic.

Apparently everyone at Carrow Road stands firmly behind NW and his coaching staff and said that the contracts contained clauses that reflect pay for our status be it Premiership, Championship or Div One and I just wonder if this board is prepared to support him whatever our fate is.

If the unity ship has sailed I fear that the board, management and players may be on one ship with most of  the supporters on another or is it perhaps that Worthy and Saffri have had a parting of the ways.

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To add whats been said above... Players are of course free to support the manager but there are times when perhaps the players shouldnt say anything at all i think after a perfromance, in support of worthy, because it makes them look stupid to some extent.

 Now about to leave for Derby... am wondering what will be said after todays game by the players should Worthy get it worng again

jas :)

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