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Just Giving help required for Nick Raven a fellow Canary

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Some of you may already know Nick who organises the Eastons Coach to the Norwich away games.

Out of respect to his family I am not posting details other than a direct quote from his just giving page.

"My Dad got rushed to hospital with a bleed on the brain so now will be in hospital for a long long time as he is now in a coma on life support. My mum is staying up here every day and the room we have is £24 a night so I''m trying to organise this page to help raise money so my mum does not have to worry about paying for it. My dad is a popular bloke who does not have a bad bone in his body so please is you can spare anything that would be fantastic. The road to recovery will be long so please if you can help in any way that would be fantastic.


Thank you and please help if you can

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Saw this on facebook as I have several friends who know Nick well, as they travel with Easton to away games.

Hope your Dad gets better soon, my thoughts are with you all

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