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In response to the positives post:

1) it seems there is unrest in the dressing room. Grabban''s hissy fit, BJ stating it was an easy decision to leave.... Has AN lost the dressing room? Was player unrest and a bust up the cause of the Soton no show?

2) lack of contacts. Look how pardew attracted cabaye to Palace, or CH convinced Bassong to come here. The downside of having an untested rookie manager would seem to be a total lack of contacts and pulling power.

3) no sign of a plan. How did we leave it to the last day? Why was a CB not signed? Why did turner go given that fact? Transfer day was a disaster as all seem to agree.

4) we seemed to bid with yesterday''s values not today''s. The market is inflated due to the upcoming TV deal. We don''t see my I have realised and got our fingers burned.

5) we spent around £5miloion. Surely a record for a promoted club, lowest ever. That stat alone screams relegation.

6) mbokani is unknown. People are saying he is the real deal. They said the same about RVW. Time will tell but at present it is a risk not a guarantee.

7) others did well. Some are saying "but we improved" not compared to other teams we didn''t. We really do look lightweight now and behind the pace.

8) no loans available either. This is it till January. And if this window also bruised player morale, as well as fan morale, we will be bottom by some way.

9) the same back four got is relegated last time. They are shipping two per game before we even meet the big boys.

10) we are two injuries, or an injury and a suspension, away from farce at the back.

Care to add anymore? It''s a joke. We have shown zero ambition and zero idea. Am waiting for ''it was a frustrating day'' ''we will spend in jan'' blah blah blah....

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"I didn''t think McNally saw January as a time to significant dealing!"

You''re right he doesn''t, he''s always said its teams just spending money for the sake of it!!!

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