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  1. "I''m afraid I agree. £7,000,000 would have been high for Borini in my opinion. Remy, a much better player, is going for £8,500,000 apparently; and that isn''t comparing apples and oranges as the Kroos/Lalana arguments are" Well for Sunderland that is like comparing apples and oranges, because Borini didn''t play up front for them last season but out wide. So the fairer comparison is Borini and Snodgrass, Borini scored 10 goals from out wide last season, is 23, and had several years left on his Liverpool contract. Snodgrass is almost 27, had one year left on his deal, and was probably less effective than Borini last season. Both fees are inflated. Remy was £8.5m because thats what his release clause said, if he didn''t have that release clause then he''d have been going for £20m or more. Remy was never going to be a realistic signing for Sunderland. Sunderland paid £12m for Fletcher, and £8m for Wickham, so £14m for Borini isn''t too out there is it.
  2. It would be a disaster. Holt needs to be in a team where he is starting every week, as the number 9, keeping his fitness up. Needs to go to a lower Championship side or back to League One. Think he could still score a hatful if playing every week, but coming somewhere where he has to compete for a spot and sit on the bench and we''d see him in Nandos more often than we see him on the pitch. If a good League One side like Sheff Utd signed Holt and Fox they would be sorted.
  3. Paul101 you are arguing over semantics. You said: "Chris Martin didnt go on a free" Chris Martin joined Derby on a free transfer after his contract elapsed. Care to explain the difference? Because I can''t see any.
  4. So don''t take your kids to Blackpool, not safe for away fans.
  5. Blackpool have a shoddy temporary stand which houses away fans, and people keep falling through it and injuring themselves.Cardiff fan: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lancashire-21166005Sheff Wed fan: http://www.owlstalk.co.uk/forums/index.php/topic/162779-sheffield-wednesday-fan-falls-through-blackpools-stand-photo-of-hole/It first happened in 2009 and has happened several times since. The fans stand on chipboard stuff and it is hollow underneath, people have literally fallen through the stand. Read this: http://www.ccmb.co.uk/fudforum/index.php?t=msg&th=347280&start=0&rid=0And this: http://www.backhenrystreet.co.uk/thread-8535.html#.U8hRArGTGHgIt is really dodgy and yet Blackpool still got a safety certificate, another really dodgy Oyston thing clearly, probably involving a bribe.
  6. If you think that somebody is a (ock, then tell them that you think they are a (ock, instead of coming on a public forum and telling everybody that you think they are a (ock. The fact that you distinguish between person and footballer is precisely why he has an inflated ego and thinks he can do what he wants. Wouldn''t it have been a much better anecdote if you could tell the exact same story, but finish it by telling us all that you called Pilkington a (ock?
  7. OP... rather than stand and observe this, and then come and report it on here like a whiney little wimp, why didn''t you say something to Pilkington? Would you have done if it was a normal bloke getting out of a Ford Focus. Does that mean you have small testicles? That is the real reason why he does it, because nobody has the balls to stand up to him and tell him to his face that he is a ball sack. 
  8. When they got relegated their majority shareholder transferred £11m from Blackpool''s account to his own account. Which he was entitled to do, his business and he can draw dividends from it or draw loans from it whenever he wants. But that should tell you what his motivation is.Then you have that awful temporary stand which loads of people have fallen through and hurt themselves in, usually away fans. It won''t be long until he is selling the land that the ground sits on to a property developer.
  9. If he wants to pay £80 to park then let him.There is no cure for stupidity.
  10. Would make perfect sense if they thought they could spin a profit out of him. I''m glad that the club have learnt their lesson after releasing Chris Martin on a free (and perhaps Adeyemi too) only for them to show the world that they are valuable players. And of course, it may have been extended before we knew who the permanent manager was going to be. Extending his contract for a year also gives us some control over whether Villa get him. Lambert seems to be allowed to sign free transfers only at the minute, he probably would have signed Pilkington to score a point.
  11. It isn''t really one out though is it, because we released Camp and Fox, and Yobo, Elmander and Guiterrez went home. And if we count Surman as in then we must also count Rudd as in. OUTCampFoxElmanderYoboGuiterrezSnodgrassINRuddSurmanGrabbanLaffertySo 6 out and 4 in.
  12. Well perhaps it was a rhetorical question Branston Pickle. We shall see whether he boards the plane to Italy or not. This was my first post on the Pinkun    http://services.pinkun.com/forums/pinkun/cs/forums/3133037/ShowPost.aspxSo sure I can be excused for having my doubts. As for not being able to win, I don''t have any criticisms. I wouldn''t have any criticism of Adams if he was hiding the truth, because he is only going to do what is in the interests of the club, and would have nothing to gain with freezing people out publicly.I''d be more likely to criticise him if he said that Pilks would never kick a ball for us again, or Bassong would never kick a ball for us again, because if we then can''t move them on we are stuck with them and can''t use them.I actually think Adams is dealing with all the speculation pretty well. was just making the general point that when the squad is named for the Italy tour it may give a better picture of who is outcast and who is not.
  13. He also said that Pilkington was injured at the end of last season, Pilkington said he was fit but not picked by Adams.So will take that with a pinch of salt, and same applies, if no injury then should expect him on the plane to Italy?
  14. Nice to see that Hoolahan played not only the first half, but also came on as a 60th minute sub last night, two appearances in one game - hopefully mean he is staying.
  15. Which players have been frozen out and which haven''t, after the big hoo-ha on here the other day.Bassong is the obvious one for probably being left off the plane.No Pilkington against Braintree though, is he injured again or outgoing?Hope there are no nasty surprises, Fer been given a bit of extra time off for the World Cup, but would still expect him to fly to Italy?
  16. Mancienne did not play for Wolves in their relegation season.
  17. He has had interest from PL clubs, so if he joins Forest it is probably to play under Stuart Pearce his old under 21 boss.Doubt we could hijack the deal if we wanted to.
  18. The point is that Lappin was brought in from the cold to play a part in our rebuilding after being discarded by a previous manager. So not sure what Surman being better than Lappin has to do with anything, we are talking about completely different divisions anyway.
  19. Started tonight and scored. Could he be our Simon Lappin, in from the cold?Hasn''t played for us since January 26th 2013, in the 1-0 loss to Luton in the FA Cup, and just 7 appearances for us under Hughton. People forget that he played 23 times for us in our first Premier League season and scored 5 goals. Just played a full season at Bournemouth deeper in midfield than he would have played for us under Lambert, the man has always had an eye for a pass and perhaps room for a player like that in an attacking team?
  20. 2002-03       1 goal2003-04       6 goals2004-05       24 goals2005-06       19 goals2006-07       18 goals2007-08       3 goals2008-09       28 goals2009-10       30 goals2010-11       23 goals2011-12       17 goals2012-13       8 goals2013-14       3 goals Is a complete myth to say that he has only scored goals for Norwich. More like he had scored goals for every club unless Colin Calderwood was employed. In 2007-08 he was put out on the right wing under Calderwood, and in 2012-13 he had to put up with the Hughton/Caldwerwood/Trollope negativity. In 2007/08 he played right wing, in 2012/13 and 2013/14 he was played as a loan striker. The right manager to play the right football and get him motivated and I''m sure he could still get into double figures in this league. I don''t think that right manager is Adams though, probably better off in League One to rediscover his goalscoring form.
  21. Darth Catbeard..... not sure where you are getting your figures from, he scored 28 goals in his season at Shrewsbury before we signed.
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