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  1. Shall be taking the camera with me tomorrow. does anybody know when and where the arsenal players will be before the game lads?
  2. Same please will pay double, can meet anywhere in London, invbox me cheers
  3. There is no rule on how big goalie gloves can be so why doesnt bunn come out the tunnel with a gigantic glove and place it infront of the goal
  4. I have my ticket Marmaduke making the 3 hour journey up there
  5. Me, a plastic? lol its not as though I support any of the top four, If I wanted success I would support man utd. I would prefer to go to the emirates to see norwich win there than to grind out a boring 1-0  aginst stoke simple as that. most people would agre as well.
  6. I dont go to the games much so whats wrong in wanting a day out at the emirates, hot dog programme few beers etc ?
  7. Villa will stay up, the god that he is will use his powers to ensure safety. looking forward to villa and lambo in the big time next year
  8. Someone pm me if have one available also please would rather go to Arsenal not been there before and if we win it will be a day to remember rather than watching those cunts lob it up to walters would rather go and watch the trawlerboys play
  9. Durham predicted Norwich to go down a while back, hes not far wrong.
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