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  1. Hooper or Graham. Even just one of them would have done, but noooooope. Mcnally puts in a half arsed bid for them so that he claim we "tryed" and let the sheep follow him and sing to his merry tune of "We are staying up". It''s disgusting.
  2. Obviously alan grey wasn''t here during the reign of doomcaster. It happens. And it''s happened again.
  3. Laugh if you must, but two crap strikers and a PR bid for Hooper and Graham? A complete joke, I can only see us sinking down. Think of how many games we could have won if we had a better striker! QPR, Southampton, Everton, West Ham (both games)....
  4. Somebody with a brain, except from wiz, has finally come to their senses I see. Good.
  5. I agree with wiz. I''m speechless with confusion and rage.
  6. He finished at the end of the summer. This month was a snoozefest for him.
  7. Why didn''t we sign a proper striker instead of a journeyman from the MLS and Morisson V2? Thanks a lot Mcnally and Hughton, thanks a bloody lot. Today is the day we look back and think about how we could have done so much more, how just the one striker could of saved us...
  8. Well lets just say that our chances of staying up are low because of Mcnally laziness during this window. Very very low.
  9. Does everybody who has an opinion which goes against the flow get treated like this?
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