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  1. To be honest I'd prefer someone like Rob Dickie who would probably have an easier time adapting to the league and having a somewhat senior British member of the squad acting as a leader is what the young players need.
  2. I reckon it's more likely Mario has an inkling of something in him that Farke doesn't like.
  3. He plays like Shaqiri. Would be good to have someone who actually likes to shoot from closer than 5 yards in the team besides Marco but yeah this would be a massive step up in levels from this guy so it seems like an odd move.
  4. What is causing the divide between Leitner and the team though? Has he stated he wants to leave? As I said it was noticeable that the German players were visibly upset with him for no apparent reason. Hernandez, Trybull and Stieperman all being very cold. My immediate thought is that he must have criticized the club in some way in German expecting the others to be on board with him and not care but they clearly don't like whatever he's done because visual signs of anger towards him were obviously there.
  5. The german lads all seemed to be a little pissed off with Leitner. Quite a few occasions where it appeared they were purposely not passing to him and one moment where he fell on the ground and Stieperman walked past him so he reached his arm out to get help but Stiepi just kept walking. I haven't been paying attention to the gossip lately so can someone tell me what's up with Leitner?
  6. Why are people on this forum so sensitive about everything. If the man prefers his football with male commentators it's not a problem with him as a person.
  7. How annoyed people get about this stuff is really stupid.
  8. Are you a contributor for FIFA ? that's pretty cool. I hope they do give updates but last year they screwed up the updates for leagues by limiting it to only 23 per league.The Hernandez card should be fun to use. They gave him 4* skills ! I can imagine Godfrey turning to an OP centre back card like Militao by the end of the game. All in all I would have hoped for more golds and Pukki to be higher but I'm just excited seeing all the cards.
  9. We've been shafted on a lot these ratings. Hurts to see.
  10. I know what you meant and I imagine is an issue for the moment. But as I said he'll learn the necessary parts soon enough and will join the squad. So calm down Mr Pickle.
  11. How is it awful planning ? They got a good player, they're just waiting for him to understand what he's being told to do and have the ability tk communicate with his backline (an area where communication is hugely important) before he gets put into the squad. It really doesn't seem that odd to me. He will learn the essentials quickly enough.
  12. On CURRENT evidence he's not good enough. It's worrying every time he gets the ball at the moment. I saw people saying that Hanley wasn't capable of playing Farke's style last season because of his lack of technical ability and I kind of didn't buy it fully and thought he would do well if he was given the chance. He's gotten his chance now and he can't play this style of football because he ISN'T good enough. Given it's a higher level but the rest of the team are all doing it too. It's not even that he makes the mistakes because all the players do at some period but it's just how he will act when he does them and his reaction to playing badly. Head in hands and falling to the ground over dramatically and moping. He doesn't seem like a winner. The rest of that defensive line all do. They are all so confident and determined to play well and he just sticks out so much compared to them. Drop him and don't look back. You literally can't afford to make the mistakes he has made in literally every game now.
  13. I think Hanley just isn't a good leader. He's the captain but after every mistake he's got his head in his hands like it's the end of the world, which differs from what Zimbo would do who as a natural leader, just gets fired up and helps the defence find its feet again after a mistake.
  14. In his games from last season he was so raw. You could seem him out of position and unsure of where to be on the pitch even when the rest of the team was flowing fluidly. He had a lot of good contributions in his games but it was clear to see he wasn't quite on the same wavelength as the rest of the team. Looking back it's obvious that it was down to a lack of experience because he's come into this season so determined, confident and ready to show people what he can do. Last season he was the main one of his academy peers who wasn't fully able to showcase their skills. He was the name of the academy boys that was tagged on at the end as an extra bonus but now he wants to prove why he deserves his spot of that team. Instead of resigning himself to be the man left out he's grown up and wants to make this season his. I am blown away by how much he's improved. He's magnificent.
  15. There's something so cool about the way he runs at people with that straight back posture. Ronaldo levels of confidence. Looks like a star. Would be astonished if it comes off.
  16. According to the Douglas Luiz transfer to Aston Vila, if a player is signed to be an important member for the first team it can be used as a reason for a valid work permit application. I know Radoja doesn't have the caps required to get a permit in line to the international games played rule but if Aston Villa are prepared to offer nearly £20m on the logic that he's going to be an important member of their team, it shows there's a bit of wiggle room. When you aren't an elite club not everyone is going to be able to be an international.
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