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  1. Hey! You have already took our best striker, you better not try and hi-jack our move for his replacement.We won''t get him for £3.25, reports today are we''ve now bid €6m, don''t know how accurate they are though. Would love it if we get him.
  2. As an independent outsider, I would say between 10th and 15th. Looking at how you done last season, and the transfer dealings so far this summer, I don''t expect Norwich to be threatened too seriously with the drop.
  3. "Rock The Boat" A Celtic fan eating yoghurt? Presumably that''s the deep-fried variety hahahaYou think people from Norfolk would know better than most not to listen to silly stereotypes. (I was actually dipping a deep fried Bounty into my yoghurt :D )
  4. [quote user="barclayboys"]Thanks Paul, do you think he can step up and be a success in the prem?[/quote]No doubt. Did not look out of place against Europe''s best in the Champions League so don''t see him having any problems in the EPL. (And to be honest, I don''t think the EPL is quite as high a standard as some would have you believe).
  5. Never want to see your better players go, but I wish Hooper all the best at Norwich. He''s going to a good team and I think he will do really well.Nearly spat my yoghurt out at the very sight of him being compared to Kris Boyd haha. 
  6. Chat on the Celtic forum is that it''s Norwich as well now.
  7. [quote user="Just Dan"]I think that there is an offer on the table from us that will remain the same. As time goes on, circumstances will change. I don''t think he will join QPR in the championship. He will play for Celtic until there valuation is matched. That valuation will not be the same on 31st August as it is today. Like you say, a game of poker. A torn ligament in training and he is worth less than nothing (12 months wages with no game time) and his career is down the pan. Hooper knows that. Celtic know that. Norwich know that. Not great for the fans but glad we have McNally in our corner! Think he has proved, for both Norwich and Celtic, he is not bad at poker.[/quote]I would have thought McNally would still have good contacts within Celtic, being an ex employee, but i''m not sure what circumstances he left.
  8. [quote user="Just Dan"]Out of interest Paul, as a Celtic fan would you think more of Hooper if he joined us to play in the EPL or QPR for a decent pay day?[/quote]Meant to add, even if QPR were in the EPL, i''d still think more of him for going to Norwich. The way QPR are being run is not the way football teams should be run, we''ve seen it before with Portsmouth, Leeds and dare I say it Rangers (RIP) and it always ends in tears. Norwich appear to be run properly and are looking to build on what was a really good season last season.
  9. [quote user="Just Dan"]Out of interest Paul, as a Celtic fan would you think more of Hooper if he joined us to play in the EPL or QPR for a decent pay day?[/quote]If he has two offers on the table, one from QPR and one from Norwich and he chooses QPR then that will say all you need to know about his ambition as a footballer. He will obviously be looking to get into the England squad, and ideally be in the squad for Brazil next year, even if he goes to Norwich that will be a big ask, but it''s where his best shot would be. I think if he does go to Norwich (or any other EPL team) and does well, he might have a chance because he is a different type of striker to any that are involved in the England set up at the moment.
  10. "But there comes a time when you will have to cash in. You will not allow him to go for nothing next summer. If he doesn''t go in this window, you''ll get nothing for him."Suppose it is a game of poker just now, to see who will blink first. Of course we won''t want him to remain at Celtic this season if he''s not signing a new deal, but we don''t want him to go on the cheap either. I suspect both parties will meet in the middle somewhere (If he rejects QPR).
  11. [quote user="crabbycanary"]No Paul, that is not what you said. You said, that we should pay what you value him at[/quote]And so you should. He is our player, we do not need to sell him. If you want him, pay what we value him at. If not, hope he doesn''t go to another team, wait a year and hope he chooses Norwich over what ever options he has next year. Why should we accept an offer below our valuation? Makes no sense.
  12. If you are selling a house that you value at £250,000 and someone offers you £200,000 ... do you just accept it? Here''s the latest from BBC journo "QPR big thought to be in the region of £5m. Norwich still keen and could yet make a late bid"
  13. It''s hardly being "held to ransom". He''s our player, if you want him, you pay what we value him at.
  14. @a1canary You’ve made quite a few presumptions there. Hooper has never said he wants to go to Norwich, he has never said he wants to leave Celtic, in fact he’s not said anything at all.   Where we are just now is, there is a contract on the table from Celtic, he has not signed this. This can only be for 1 of 2 reasons, a) he wants to leave, or b) he wants to stay but is holding out for a better contract offer.   Celtic accepted a bid for Hooper last week, believed to have been QPR in the region of £5m, Hooper’s representatives have been in discussions with them but no deal has been done, either because the deal isn’t good enough (unlikely since QPR are throwing money at players) or he doesn’t want to go to QPR/The Championship.   I suppose the real test will come if Norwich make a bid that matches Celtic’s valuation of the player.
  15. Van Wolfswinkel is a really good player. Had the misfortune of witnessing him score a hat-trick against us for Utrecht. At that time Liverpool were supposed to be interested in him. I never saw much of him for Sporting Lisbon, the odd Europa League game, but will be interesting to see how he does at Norwich.
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