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  1. We’ll get the minutes after according to that? Why would the rest of us be expected to know about a meeting we can’t go to before it happens?
  2. I still remember the stick Kane got, I thought he looked talented but he was just a kid and people were expecting him to save our season. I honestly think if Idah’s development had been better managed we’d probably already have sold him for big money to be honest.
  3. It’s definitely going to be a transition season. Already noises from the club that promotion is not necessarily the goal this season and building a sustainable team that would have a better chance on promotion is.
  4. Increased? It’s probably the season with the least complaining about Kenny I can remember.
  5. So he’s a bit like Kabak? In the Championship that would be pretty awesome.
  6. You won’t get much for Kenny and can you replace him for it? The last player over 30 I’d want to see leave personally.
  7. Córdoba has said goodbye to his old club on Twitter, can’t be long till this is confirmed now surely.
  8. Not on the last seasons evidence no. I like Idah a lot, but he’s failed to nail down a starting place even given multiple opportunities including at Celtic. If Sargent goes it’s a big hole that I don’t think Idah can fill personally unless Thorup sees a way to make him that no9 in his system.
  9. 5 million is not an outrageous outlay for a player of his potential, although I imagine any deal would be heavily structured to get to that value eventually.
  10. It’s more about potential value. Both those LBs potential future value was questionable as they weren’t developing. Burrows is a 22 year old Captain, player of the year and arguably their best player. Thats exactly the sort of league 1 player we should be after, especially if they think he has PL potential.
  11. If your model is reliant on buying and selling younger players why offer a contract to a player that hasn’t developed into one more valuable over a number of years? I can believe we only offered him a backup role if we did and I can understand why he said no.
  12. Imagine that communication will happen once the bulk of the squad is in place for next season and I also imagine it will be pretty clear by that point what we are looking to do.
  13. People being squeezed for productivity is pretty universally happening in the workplace, not surprising footballers are too.
  14. Thanks couldn’t get it to work on mobile 🤷‍♂️
  15. https://m.youtube.com/watch?si=qJLwc8mU5QGo6BzO&v=pXHd0l_mn7Y&feature=youtu.be
  16. And his assistant. Exciting times, be interesting to see how the player trading goes this summer. Definitely a revolution in progress.
  17. Yes in the context of what we lost to afford him his entire time up to and including his sale has been pretty disastrous.
  18. Thanks. Seems to heavily imply they are flipping him.
  19. Seems the contract was pre agreed as Pinkun reporting he’s joining?
  20. 2 million loan fee for a club claiming poverty an unable to pay 3 million for him permanently seems a little odd? If Tzolis hasn’t agreed terms agree maybe they have exercised their right while they try and persuade him to stay.
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