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  1. He played at Fakenham today, played quite deep, looked tidy on the ball as you''d expect for a spaniard. Looked promising from a brief sighting against a minimal opposition.
  2. Gotta be worth a look at these two in Jan. Austin on 14 goals already and the young winger at Leicester looks a great talent!
  3. If he manages to not give the ball to the opposition at least 10 times he''ll be a Johnson improvement. What''s the point of being a ball winner if all you do is give it straight back?
  4. I watched him from jar told first half and he was terrible! Had no clue how to defend against Barcham, a wrong offside call saved him and the fact the opposition didn''t have the quality to pick Barcham out with the pass. I was shocked when he was given Motm, very poor.
  5. [quote user="super canary"]Biglia isnt a rumour. We have agreed the loan, its just personal terms now.[/quote] How do you know that?
  6. [quote user="priceyrice"]How many times have we been linked with this guy over the past 5/6 years! He defiantly has talent and i would be inclined to say he is better than Morrison, i believe he has some pace as well for a big guy?? We had 3 big players at the club last season, but if Ameobi was to come in i doubt Morrison would want to stay as 3rd choice. I would still prefer to see a pacey foreign striker come and have a go in the prem, but i can imagine a loan deal for Ameobi with an option to buy happening. OP, why have you claimed he isn''t travelling with Newcastle tonight, travelling where? Do they have a UEFA cup game coming up? [/quote] They are in EUROPA league qualification tomorrow night.
  7. I know people get shot down on here for rumours, and the fact this is a first time post looks dodgy, but having lost my details for my former account, i found the easier way was to create a new account... My auntie works with Shola Ameobi''s mum up in Newcastle and she was saying that he''s had talks with the Norwich board, isn''t travelling with Newcastle tonight due to ongoing discussions. Hughton really rated him at Newcastle during his time there. Surplus to requirements at Newcastle. Could spell the end of Morison?
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