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  1. Agree with that. If we win the next game, and sit top half (could happen...) does that then mean we are hitting our targets, fulfilling our ambitions, and it''s a good season? That''s kind of the thrust of my argument. I think there are lots of fans who take issue with our/Hughton''s style, not with our league position.
  2. This is my first post. I''m really getting fed up with all the in/out talk, and I want to see just what people''s expectations are. The way I see it, there are two elements - league position and style of play. Surely we all want to be as high up the league as possible and play as attractive football was possible. Neither of those things are where we want them to be, at present. Are they separate,nor are they inextricably linked? Does anyone think we should be finishing higher than about 9th, or that our ambition should be any higher than that, realistically? So we''re talking about getting something like 50 points over a season, to finish there. More than that are we would be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Everton etc. Our current style of play is on course to achieve about 40 points. Last season it achieved 44 points. So could a different manager get two more wins than last season out of the same set of players that would see us to the 50 point mark and achieve our ambitions? When it comes down to it, that just means winning three games that we ended up drawing last season, it''s that fine.
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