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  1. I would certainly travel back to Norwich for the game but I need to be in Ipswich then London that day. All good points though, and good to know what end is a bit less risky if did go for a home end ticket. If not it will have to be the step ladder!
  2. Sadly don''t know anyone who could do that, and I am not sure could sit on my hands for the full game! Thanks for the reply though, may just have to find a stream
  3. Hi all I know it is very unlikely but does anyone have or know anyone who is selling a ticket for Sunday? I have the unfortunate scenario of being in Ipswich on Sunday and can''t think of much worse then not being able to go. If not, is there anyone with any knowledge of somewhere that I would be able to watch the game with any other Norwich fans? Thanks in advance
  4. deflection, summed up the simple differences of luck between teams at the top and bottom as he has over ran it
  5. I should have maybe gone into that a little better, though I get your point we did some of the things to sort out their style in the first half. As I said, getting Howson further forward was crucial, as he limited Gerrard and increased the pressure. The difficulty came from Fer and Johnson, along with the centre backs confusion with Sterling, Suarez and Coutinho. No manager has come up with a solution to how they interchange (throw in Sturridge in other games) and move around, its impossible within their style, which is why the pressing was used as it was. The first goal showed it, though someone should have closed it down, it becomes who, the midfield who are pressing, the centre backs who need to not allow the space for Suarez, the wing backs maybe, but its still difficult. He got it wrong at first, but he switched it round once realised had gone wrong, which is a good sign for any manager. The simple fact, the way they are playing cannot sometimes be dealt with, and try as we like it didn''t happen today
  6. [quote user="mrs miggins"]Hell no, Terrible tactics in the first half. Its like he realised that liverpool were good after half time. I''m not gonna say, if we had hughton we would''ve got a point or nicked it, just like people can''t say we would have lost 6-0. The fact that the he doesn''t know how to use this team effectively against liverpool is absolutely shocking. Why play Redmond up front? It didn''t work last week and in a game where we need to actually have a shape and keep our shape, we play like that. That first half was all down to Neil Adams; too much space between defence and midfield. Warz gon orn Neyul?[/quote] I am not advocating him getting the job full time, thats a decision for the summer. But I have to defend (considering how rarely I post, its a moment I feel needs saying) you cannot say that he did nothing until half time. Niel saw the issue of Redmond up top, and more important, Gerrard getting the space. He switched Snoddy and Redmond out wide, sticking Howson further forward. The space came (and maybe he was partially responsivble, maybe fear) due the team not fully pressing. Hooper was doing less then nothing in the first half to aid the press, so Snoddy and Howson went possibly too far to cover, causing the space. The tactics had their flaws, but mainly due to the way Liverpool play.
  7. [quote user="Canaries Utd"]Has anyone got his stats? i cant find him on wikipedia?[/quote]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Craig_Mackail-Smith
  8. Maynard, surely one of the best in this league and only not getting as many goals due to Bristol Citys bad season and injury
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