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  1. Norwich to Liverpool Street, absolute nightmare, not enough buses between Stomarket and Ipswich both ways. Filthy rolling stock from Ipswich to Liverpool Street, Dodgy pint in Kensington (ok maybe not their fault but will blame them anyway!!).
  2. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Hahaha Leeds.. HA HA bloody HAAAAAAAAAsmall time team, small time support. Enjoy another year in the 2nd division.[/quote] Meant to include this quote, sorry!!!
  3. At a certain time and place last season you would not have ended the day with all your teeth saying things like that.
  4. Well done to you both, great day today, glad it was not this afternoon with all that rain, took me just over two hours this time (the race not getting out of the car park!).
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