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  1. Lewis is a good lad from Fakenham. Seems pretty determined to make a career for himself and seems to have the mentality to do it. I''m sure he''ll get a contract sometime soon with a club
  2. Any of the bottom 5+Everton. None have a goalscorer.
  3. Sorry to hear about your loss, I''m at SHU and the season ticket holder who sits behind me is also. Last year there was a city flag up in a window near where I lived in student accommodation. Must be a few city fans up there.
  4. Went into the club shop today and they said the price of Grade A games was going upto £55, a bit extortionate but I''m all for it! Most of the loyal fans have season tickets.
  5. I''ve got a season ticket in the lower Barclay around 6 seats away from the snakepit wall and half way up. Does anyone want to swap with me, I''d like to be closer to my mates either in the snakepit or behind the goal in the barclay.
  6. The standards my local! Are you two students by any chance? See you there
  7. It''s just an idea seen as my dad produces the foil pouches that Capri-sun use in china. Honestly do you think it''s got potential? I know you could use a funnel but who carries a funnel around with them? And Bottle tops are banned in football ground if you get seen with one it will be taken off you. I mean if you got given something that could do the job for free on the turnstile would you use it. The production cost is so cheap you could give them to stadiums and make your profit from whacking a few adds on it.
  8. Yeah exactly, she must just buy the empty packets or something. Those packets aren''t advertised directly to football fans and the the problem with bottles. If there was a tool that let you transfer the liquid from our coke bottle into a Capri-sun, Lucozade packet type thing would you use it? If the product meant you didn''t get anything on your hands during the transfer and you got a lucozade like pouch with the product. The beer thing will never be solved though, if the FA had it there way it would be banned altogether.
  9. Cheers for your response. I''ve never seen the drink bags. where have you seen them? Do they allow you to take the liquid out of your own bottle into another vessel allowed into the ground?
  10. I have been to numerous football games and have had bottles and bottle tops taken off me. Sometime they offer a cup to put the content in other times they don''t. Whatever the outcome it''s a little inconvenient. If there was a product that allowed you to transfer the drink from your bottle into a vessel that could hold liquid and was allowed into the ground would you use it? The rules are no items are allowed in the ground that could cause injury if thrown at someone, with the exception of coins and personal items like keys, etc. I''d be very grateful if you could leave your thoughts and ideas. :)
  11. Searched on google. 12. Please note it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Stadium: 1. Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is capable of containing liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person. 2. Whilst in possession of alcohol. 3. Whilst drunk. 4. Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signalling or the emission of smoke or a visible gas. 5. Any article which is a firework. and all persons entering the Stadium may be searched by the Police Would a Capri-sun cartoon be seen as able to cause injury if thrown at someone?
  12. Something like this http://www.alibaba.com/product-gs/267760685/drink_pouch.html
  13. Exactly, a real problem, If a product was created that allowed you to transfer the drink into a Capri-sun like pouch carton thing the problem would be there. That''s why i was thinking whether Capri-Suns were allowed in?
  14. [quote user="McCanary"][quote user="TerryTibbs99"]Are you allowed Capri-suns'' in anyone know?[/quote] Well they would certainly struggle to get the top off!! [/quote] The new packets have tops on i think, the old ones only had a straw you put in the top.
  15. HAHAHA!! I''ve heard stories of it ending up in someone pocket before too! :L
  16. And at Wembley they don''t let you take plastic bottles in a tall. You have to pour you drink into a cup... A little inconvenient, When you score it goes everywhere :L
  17. Are the Capri-Sun pouch things and drink cartons allowed in? If someone came up with a product that resolved the problem they could be a rich man.
  18. That''s what i thought, but are Capri-sun bottles aloud in the ground? seen as they are soft like a cushion when full, they wouldn''t cause much damage if someone was hit by one.
  19. Why are bottle tops removed in football grounds? Is it because it means they can''t be put back on the bottles and therefore the bottles becoming harder and easier to through? Or are they removed because to spot the actual bottle top being used as a missile? I''m just curious :)
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