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  1. just a simple question and a short answer.do you honestly think we will stay up or go down,no gut feelings,no ifs or buts.Going on present form what will happen?I am afraid my view is down.
  2. Glad to see R V W is not getting abuse from fans at the ground like Steve Morrison did and yet he scored more goals in the prem.Strange how fans react to players.Looking back perehaps getting rid of Jackson was wrong,he was a player who would come on and score.To stay up now we have to score more than one goal in several games and heart on heart I can not see this happening,perhaps it will be a time to start Beechio for he can not do any worse than R V W.
  3. better than the celebrations worked out at the training ground where theatre coaches are brought in to train the players in dance,mime,strip,act out 4 minute mini plays and generally act as t*ats.Then there is badge kissing from players who are not even sure which club they are at.Just a simple show of happiness and joy will.Perhaps Wes should have gone over to Hoots and said"there you go".
  4. Well I will study him tomorrow if he plays and hope my punditry is sh*t,in a way I am glad I am wrong because it was money well spent on him.As I say I prey he does well each game but I am disappointed most games.Sorry to all who rate him.
  5. Hoopers first touch is not great and often leads to us loosing the ball and having to defend yet again,he got away with it for Celtic but now he is often up against world class defenders who can nick the ball quickly and pass well.That is a reason we got him and not a top club.I want to see him do well every game score,hold the ball up etc but its not happening.Were we expecting too much from him and will he learn for next season or if we stay up must we pay even bigger money for someone who can score.Is he beyond coaching or is it down to the coaching staff not doing their job.Having said all that I still go to the game hoping he will smash in a hat trick and prove me wrong.
  6. Does Hoots blast them at half time or just say never mind keep it like that for second half.Why not 3 subs at half time.Some of these players need a massive kick up the ar*e after a half like that.He does not come over as being to concerned at the interview at the end,he should be fuming and show to us he is as well.I am now fed up with his mild manners he needs to show us that he has passion for N C F C or walk away.That result yesterday is the worst of season and am afraid will help take us down to where some of the players and coaching staff will be happy next season.
  7. F me,her on M O D would finish it for me,I was trying to open a can of worms of the most pointless presenters on tv and Winkleman is at the top,what is her use in any prog an expert in f all and paid loads for it.Sorry its not footy but a bit of light relief from worrying about Sunday,doi join in.
  8. May have been done before if so sorry but give it a go.What is the second result you look for at the weekend after Citys and why do we seem to have a second team and why.Dont include them lot from down the road as we all have to check they have lost again.My second team is the great Southend United as I lived there a while and visited Roots Hall once or twice in the days of Bill Garner and Billy Best,bet nobody remembers them.
  9. Seemed to have opened a can of worms here,I would now just like to know now yes or no do you record it or watch it as it happens.
  10. Proud of you Rodney,love to go for a beer with you if you had the time.You should be on M O D and it would last 3 hrs with no highlights.
  11. Well Ginger why to do people enjoy mindless punditry and as for people who do view can the BBC tell if we record a prog rather than watch it at the time,mostly I will record it and watch half hour later,so lets have a new question how many of you record it and miss the sh*t bits.The BBC cant know how many would watch it without punditry because they have never tried it.
  12. My god this is worse than M O D punditry,thought I had time on my hands but this must be from someone inside.You should have done SKY super six,you would have paid for your freedom by now.When do you get out?
  13. My real point was it is in most M O Ds it is far to long on punditry if they are not allowed to show more footy,lets have a nice short prog or combine it with the league show and cut out more overpaid presenters and pundits.just what is the cost of having these opinions which at the end of the day wont change the score of the game,what we all enjoy is the game not mindless conversation,we can get that on here,at work or at the pub for free.
  14. Well,Splutcho with a name like that I am surprised you are an expert in English but you no doubt are and I live and learn.Do you do on line English lessons I could sign up for as you must speak proper down your way.if you have time please correct my posting for others to read more clearly.
  15. How many of you watch it Sat night in real time or record it and watch later missing out all the time wasting punditry.Who at the BBC thinks it is money well spent to have these so called experts wasting our time,its not needed,show more of the games,some replays of the important action a quick summery by the commentator.Lets just have action no presenter,no studio and a lot cheaper prog.Match choice on Sky is a much better format but not available to all.BBC must waste millions of our cash on uneeded presenters on loads of their progs.These people must be laughing at the cash they get for this uneeded job they do,what is the point for it.I wont list my most useless presenters,some of them are outside footy but I am sure you all have them so for some light relief away from footy fire away and lets here them.All right I will start with a complete waste of time and money,Claudia Winkleman.Beat that.
  16. Well time to enjoy a week after a great win played well,great goal,none against,all the team put in a great shift etc,so lets be happy till next Sunday and then play the same again and beat Villa.By the way a great substitution by Hoots bringing on Wes lifted the crowd to a higher level for the last few minutes taking some of the nerves away and giving Spurs someone else to worry about.
  17. The no s surprise me,you have to change things if they are not working and my god they are not.It may give the others a kick up the ar*e if he was to start.it is what having a squad is all about changing players.If he is really sh*t sack who signed him on.
  18. Simple question,answer yes or no,would you like to see Becchio start Sunday.I will go yes.
  19. If we were not season ticket holders like most of us years ago,who would pay these prices to see a match.In the past if we were playing like we are the gates would drop as people voted with their feet and missed games.I just wonder what the gates would be now if only a few had season tickets.I know all you will say you go through thick and thin and would support the club whatever but in reality in the past people stopped going to games when the team was sh*t,so your thoughts on that.
  20. I hate to say it perhaps Hoots wont play anyone up front and just pack the mid field.In truth Becchio should be given a chance if he really is worse than the others why oh why have we kept him.Perhaps he scores regularly in training and frightens the hell out of the coaching staff he may do the same in a match.Does anyone on here really know the reason for not giving him a start has hoots ever said.While I am here start Wes on Sun as well give Spurs something to worry about.
  21. Where is Gangmower,cant be cutting grass this weather.
  22. With all the doom and gloom on here and most of it correct on way and another,lets lighten things on this f*ing awfull Friday with a question,This club has to take a manager and one player from the championship to get us out of this mess,who are they?
  23. A bit lightweight but came up with a goal or two,no wonder hoots let him go out on loan.
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