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  1. It was not the own goal that you lads are thinking of . Bechio was waiting to finish it off anyways. The scoreline does not reflect the truth to be fair as we outplayed them for the entire game and had to be up by a huge margin if Beckford was playing. Point being , Orient have a great home record and are one of the form teams of League 1. So I''d happily take a draw against them as if it means winning at home and drawing away , secures promotion ! 3 easy home games on the trot now and hopefully we get our best players back in the team ( Kisnorbo and Beckford ! ) . Till then, Simon has done well to steady the ship.
  2. I was the one who wrote that post about your team in the Leeds board. But like I have been saying there , I would take Gradel and Gary Mchseffrey over any player that you signed this January. Our needs are different from yours and the quality Grayson is looking for and signing up is a lot better than what you guys are getting. I still believe that both are good enough to get promoted with ease.
  3. Blockbuster signing IMO Best Player in League 1 by a mile , if he is fully fit. It''s all nonsense to believe that no championship clubs were after him. Fact is , Leeds are as big an attraction as any Championship club. Proof for that is Kisnorbo , who joined us when there were loads of Clubs in the higher leagues waiting for him. League 1 is the perfect platform for Gary Mc to recover his form and fitness. He''d walk this league for fun as he is too good for it. Great signing. Gradel and Gary Mc in the wings gives us the best wingers in this League along with Snodgrass. Grayson is proving that quality is better than quantity with his signings :)
  4. Gosh , have you guys never ever been top of the table before :D ? Do you have to harp about being leaders for like few days before we regain our natural position at the top this Tuesday ;) Just fishing :)
  5. Fair enough , I understand how I might come across with the hard luck stories. Maybe I''m being a bit sentimental and biased , it''s hard to say as this is a very subjective issue. I don''t think it was bad luck that got us relegated from the Championship but I do think that with a little bit of luck , we could have gone up from this league earlier , arguably , so you''re rite. I''m guessing that your blip would start with Holt''s suspension . I think he is the key to your team dominating the opposition in League 1 and let us see if my guess is right or not in the forth coming weeks. As for our blip, if we win or draw at Swindon this tuesday, then I''d say it ends there . But if we don''t , then , for the first time in the season , I''d start to worry little bit about the top 2 spot.
  6. "Why is it ridiculous? Someone has stated an opinion that Leeds do have average players in their team, and made comparisons to our players. " And if you get a reply from a fan who''s club in 2nd in the League with 2 games in hand , 4th round of F.A Cup after outplaying Spurs and Manure , Area Finals of JPT etc , saying that his club does not have average players and that they are more than good enough for this level ( proven by the above facts ) , can''t you reason out with him ?
  7. See , there you go again. You asked a question , you got an answer. If you couldn''t digest the answer , you immediately start stereo typing. Take it easy mate, I don''t understand what your problem is. Are Leeds fans not allowed to feel good and talk about what has been a fantastic season so far ? Just because we are on the opposition''s message board, do we have to under play our feelings ? I don''t find anything wrong as long as we give you the due respect ( trust me , you have loads of that from us. To go to Colchester and score 5 goals in those bad conditions , playing sleek football , means you guys are damn good ! ) .
  8. Well we all belong to the same breed then as going by your posts ( especially how arrogant you guys have been sounding ever since your great run under Lambert ) . Relax.
  9. Reinforcements ? No wonder spainboy has been riling you up with ease. I have no clue who he is , I ve been reading posts here though just like how your lot reads Waccoe . I can speak for myself and I''m least worried about Norwich. I don''t care who goes up as champions as I believe we both will go up. Promotion , dumping Manure out of the F.A Cup and hopefully the JPT trophy should be good enough to boost my ego ;)
  10. So if we beat Swindon this Tuesday , then are we back to being the best in the division ? Fantastic Argument !! Pfft ...
  11. Huge pile up no doubt but I''m sure Grayson is thinking 2 steps ahead of you and me. He is beefing up the squad as we speak. Gradel just signed on and Healy will soon follow ( I hope ). We may sign another winger and with key players returning from Injury ( Ben Parker , Aidy White , Tresor Kandol etc ) , we can see through this congested fixtures I''m sure.
  12. because of several reasons which you would probably understand if you followed us keenly. But no , you wouldn''t have as all you want to hear is " Dirty Leeds " , " Cheating Leeds " etc First season , those -15 points meant we missed out on Automatic promotion. Even then we were a whisker away from clinching the 2nd spot but Wise''s departure came at the wrong time and our loss in the Playoffs final was rather harsh. 2nd season was more down to mismanagement from Macca and Staunton and the best thing to have happened that season was getting Grayson. Once again, harshly undone in the playoffs as we were hurt by our typical big game bad luck syndrome. As for the 3rd season , it has been the best in the last 5-6 years , quite easily. Grayson is the reason and we are doing well in all aspects and all tournaments. No complaints whatsoever and we won''t be in this league after this season. Happy ? :)
  13. Leeds fan here coming in peace and I''m going to try and reason out with your lot. What is with all the spainboy hounding ? I understand that he has been fishing out here but if you read some of your comments from a neutral perspective , they are even worse. As an opposition fan , obviously he will be on the defensive considering how "arrogant" your lot sounds for going top of the table for the first time this season. If you are allowed to do that, then I''m sure spainboy and his Leeds rants over the past few weeks are justified as we have been top of the table all season long. Point being, I just feel some of you are being very hypocritical with spainboy. He is not over stating much , he is not exaggerating stuff about Leeds and obviously , it will seem provocative to you because he supports a rival club. In fact I''d give him credit for sticking around and having some good banter as ultimately that is what we all enjoy doing. Talking football with one and other. Over the last 10 games , you guys have been brilliant . Over the season , we have been brilliant and especially taking our injuries and cup runs into account, our performances are a testament to the spirit of the club and the quality of our manager. It''s been a great football season so far and I see both of us getting promoted. So whats with the victimizing when most of you are no worse or better than spainboy and his rants ! Cheers and good luck !
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