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  1. If you''d have told me on New Years Eve that Leeds wouldn''t win and of their next 4 (non FA Cup games) I''d have laughed in your face!! We haven''t looked like conceding goals nevermind losing games but here we are... I still maintain though that NO team in this league will pick up more points than Leeds and Norwich between now and May
  2. obviously the game at Carrow Road can''t be won by both teams... incidentally if Leeds get to the JPT final that game will have to be rearranged for later in the season!
  3. How is it just about your results? If Leeds and Norwich win every game between now and the end of the season - Leeds will be Champions!!
  4. [quote user="First Wazzock"]I''m not saying this isn''t going to happen, BUT there is nothing official anywhere to say it HAS happened.[/quote] its on birminghams website...
  5. Well I for one am very happy with the signing, he gives us something we don''t have and thats a cleverness and intelligence as opposed to brute force or percentages with Beckford (he''ll get one in eventually, if we keep creating chances) All that is useless though unless we arrest this slump and remember how to defend, at the moment, even after our worst run of form in over a year we''re still well placed to go up and I''d have snapped anybody''s hand off if they''d have suggested this scenario in August. I don''t care if you win every game from now unitl the end of the season and The Football League decide to promote you 2 divisions because you''re just too good! as long as we get promoted this year, i''ll be very, very happy!
  6. can you honestly see Ken Bates giving anybody that much money!?!? he wouldn''t give Beckford a Championship wage!
  7. its funny, the exact same thread can be found on Leeds boards when we were on a similar run to you lot...
  8. how is it a risk? he hasn''t cost us a penny - if he''s shite or gets injured we''ll send him back!
  9. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="Canaries in Bed"]If they get him in, they will promoted as winners in my book, he may have had a bit of a rusty patch, but when he was playing for Cov in a higher year, he destroyed many teams.[/quote]a) the league is ours to lose now. Leeds can only take 3 points from us, and if we keep winning, they can sign Ronaldinho and it won''t matter.b) This guy has played 4 times since last March. He has had a persistent knee injury - will that effect his pace ? Will he be able to last a whole match, or regain match fitness ?c) 20k a week is a lot when you consider b).[/quote] leeds have 2 games in hand!
  10. with regards to the Barnard situation; Southend accepted Leeds'' bid but wanted a player in return which Leeds weren''t prepared to do... Southampton were! Shame because I thinbk he''d have been great with Beckford
  11. To be honest if we can''t remember how to defend then its a complete waste of time.
  12. Apparently until the end of the season, hopefully this will go some way to stopping you lot running away with the league...
  13. One thing i will say is that the chances of any team getting more points than Norwich or Leeds between now and May is very, very slim
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