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  1. you are making me feel very lonley now. A bit like being sat in the Aviva Community Stand on a cold Saturday afternoon with just a few seven-fingered friends for company, and having to sit through the same donkey-like football that has graced Carrow Road for much of its history. 
  2. I''m sorry, that didn''t make very much sense. Let''s just agree on one thing. We are a fine League One team and we should rejoice at being back where we rightfully belong. On the Ball Shitty  
  3. Good point ... let''s get back to the here and now ... Bring on the Paulton. I love yellow and I love Delia. We are great aren''t we
  4. Quite right ... I wish the binmen would shut up and face the facts. We have won more derby games against them, we have played more times in European competition, we have been in top flight football for more saesons, we have won more trophies and  two of our previous mangers have gone on to manage England. Hang on, I may have got that the wrong way round. Never mind. We play in yellow, and that is enough to be proud of.
  5. Leeds is the biggest club we''ll be entertaining at the Theatre of Dreams this century, so I am looking forward to it too. Please don''t shout at us too loud as budgies are fragile creatures. We might even send Delia on at half time to give you a jolly good talking to. And please don''t go on about us being inbreds like everyone does on TV. We''re not, we''re just very close to our families..    
  6. I can''t wait ... but I hope those horrid binmen don''t parade around with the UEFA Cup or FA Cup like they did when they opened the Sir Bobby Robson stand. I mean, Sir Bobby Robson, big deal, get over it, binmen. It was so long ago, so long ago, I can hardly remember the likes of Beattie, Wark, Mariner, Thissjen, Muhren and Brazil. I hope they drive their bus to our fair city, and we can shout abuse at them. But because of our funny accents, they won''t understand what we''re saying ! What fun it will be.
  7. Thank you for the economics lesson. All that money going to waste up the road at that tatty little club, it beggars belief. I wish we could have some of it here at fortress Carrow Road. Then we could really give Paulton Rovers something to think about. On the ball City, la la la  (sorry, forgot the words.) I love Delia, I wish she was my girlfriend.     
  8. Excellent point - can I add to that fine list of achievements by mentioning Bruce Rioch''s wondrous spell as manager at the Theatre of Dreams (Carrow Road)  
  9. What would Delia make of such offensive language ? Come on, let''s just be friends and  remember the good times. We did win that Milky Cup thing, remember
  10. Lessons on how to win have only just begun unfortunately. However, I am assured by the teaching staff that they will continue for the rest of the school year. They''ve been learning how to win in the year below us since the start of the season, but the lessons are much, much easier. Bring on the mighty Paulton Rovers !  
  11. I am at school. I had a history lesson today on Norwich City''s success. It was a short lesson. 
  12. I love being in League One - we have found our level. It reminds me of our mighty Milk Cup success  
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