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  1. Although I can understand that the club are maximising their income, somewhere along the line there are fans being priced out of supporting their club! Living in Bristol a home game is a very expensive luxury and we tend to do more away games where possible. We made the trip up for the Liverpool game and for me and my boys 16 and 11 the tickets cost £114?? How can I justify that cost on top of hotel, club shop and petrol costs aswell? To top it all the team were shocking and we were totally deflated by the performance. We will be back but It won''t be for a while. Away trips only for a while! Otbc
  2. Cheapish hotels / bed and breakfasts on Stracey rd and very close to the ground. Stayed at Marlborough hotel before and was ok. Good location.
  3. My bad sorry it''s after the last view of snodgrass goal and cuts to Hughton during the coverage. Sorry
  4. Last bit of action shown on match of the day when snodgrass scores just before it goes to interview AVB...... Norwich fan in the top tier so excited his lobs his burger at the spurs fans .... Hilarious!!
  5. [quote user="Sing Up The South Stand"]What gets me. I imagine if we had signed 7 players, and got Snodgrass tonight people would be happier. Even though it wouldn''t be any different to what it currently is.[/quote] Exactly! Good post! Otbc
  6. [quote user="lake district canary"]Eight signings - Bassong, Tettey, Garrido, Butterfield, Snodgrass, Turner, Whittaker, Bunn. A good deal of strengthening done and several will be in the starting line up each week. Can we just get the transfer window out of our heads and carry on as good positive supporters. Holt WILL score goals - he always has and always will - it is what he does. He will have plenty of support from midfield with Snodders and Butterfield and the others. I am frankly staggered at the noise made by afew - who I believe are Norwich supporters - but who just don''t seem to get it. Eight signings!! Plenty of goals in there too. Now can we get on with the season and supporting our team?? Great post [/quote]
  7. Same place as last year! Which top scorer has left us? If anything we have more goals potential from snoddy and butterfield! Vaughan and wilmbro were prolific weren''t they?
  8. Just have to settle for the 8 we''ve already got + all the key players from last season as well. Pretty good result if you ask me! OTBC
  9. [quote user="technika"][quote user="Southwestcanary"] we are playing at Spurs tomorrow (where we took 3 points last year!!). [/quote]you optimistic about the result? think we are in for a long afternoon myself[/quote] And if we get beat? Shock horror! Can''t say we will get 3 points but I know the yella army will sing non stop and out sing our hosts. Let''s get realistic, we have spent one year in the premier and we are building slowly and sensibly. We have to think about the club in 10 years time not just this year!OTBC
  10. Or 1p5wich fan.... Battered by your local rivals with no prospect of meeting them soon.... Deep in debt.... Half empty stadium every week.... Life''s not that bad lads!
  11. Let''s keep it in perspective everyone. Never thought we would be in this position a few years ago when going to brentford, Carlisle etc FFS we are playing at Spurs tomorrow (where we took 3 points last year!!). Keep it real and be happy where we are....... 90% of football fans want to be us! OTBC
  12. No need for tin hat... We have signed 8 players... Just none today.... Transfer window is not just today!
  13. Yes would love a new striker but we have signed 8 players and lost no major players from last season? Don''t want to be the next Pompey like saints QPRse and west sham could be!! Happy we are being managed properly. Trust in McNally please. OTBC
  14. We have purchased 8 players for gods sake! Would love to see an extra striker but if not so be it! Trust in McNally! We haven''t lost anyone who made a major contribution last year but added some quality. Onwards and upwards. OTBC
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