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  1. you could tell beckford was p****d off all night and then that happens absouletly sickening
  2. http://www.wolves.co.uk/page/News/0,,10307~1831046,00.html
  3. According to National Express East Anglia no trains will be running to Norwich from Cambridge.I may be wrong but i think it is the casehttp://www.nationalexpresseastanglia.com/train_times/current_timetable/%28station%29/BNDhttp://www.nationalexpresseastanglia.com/train_times/train_service_alterations/%28day%29/24/%28month%29/10/%28year%29/2009
  4. http://carrowroad.net/cnews/modules/news/article.php?storyid=770
  5. Is it still possible to buy a season ticket for this season if so how much thanks :)
  6. Does anyone know roughly what time the players arrive for home games.
  7. Is anyone having problems logging in to online ticketing and viewing home games, cheers.
  8. Does anyone know the result from tonights reserve game?
  9. Are there any good footballers from East Anglia?
  10. Lambert was at Livingston with Hooli
  11. i''d expect a new manager next week as Norwich said Butterworth was taking of just the Exeter game
  12. Butterworth taking charge does that mean Crookys gone too?
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