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  1. From Coventry City, very well deserved.
  2. [quote user="ricardo"]P-P[/quote]Ignore what I said earlier about it being off, was joking. Game will 99% be on, we''ve had about 2 inches so far. Theres not really any back streets around the ground, all main roads. With the ground being owned by the council, they will be bang on it. We played in far worse than this last season.
  3. Alright boys, Coventry fan here. Chucked it down with snow here last night and early this morning and we are meant to be getting even more snow tomorrow so I doubt the game will be on if I am being honest, I''ll keep you updated.
  4. When he gets the ball off the back four he looks like one of the best holding midfielders in the league, probably is the best. Last season we just didn''t use him enough unfortunately, I can see next season being the same, wouldn''t surprise me if he left to be honest.
  5. Not a chance, first half of last season he was terrific for us and looked everything like a Premier League player. He got injured and come back a different player but this coincided with Colemans long ball tactics which totally bypassed Clingan.
  6. Very good signing for you boys, in his 4 years here he has been a good performer for us until Coleman took over. Coleman does not like Centre halves who like to play the ball out from the back he likes his big strong cloggers at the back. Are Norwich a passing side ? If so he will fit into your system very well as his comfortability on the ball is one of his main strengths. Elliot is definatley a top class centre back in this division and on his day he is one of the best. He does has a few weight/fitness issues but it''s nothing a good pre season can''t sort out. He definately has the potential to play in the premier league in my opinion.StrengthsVery good on the ball.Clean tackler of the ballVery good in the airGood communicator, leads the defense well - potential to be a captain in the future.WeaknessesNot the quickestCan on the occassion overplayMakes a couple of bad mistakes a seasonOn the whole a VERY good signing for you.
  7. Team Coventry :  Westwood, Wright, Dann, Ward, Fox, Bell, Doyle, Gunnarsson, Henderson/Eastwood, Morrison, Best Subs: Marshall, Turner, Beuzelin, Henderson/Eastwood, Simpson   Team Norwich : Marshall, Otsemobor, Docherty, Shackell, Drury, Croft, Clingan , Russel, Hoolahan , Cort, Cureton Subs: Dont know im a cov fan.   Score: Gnna stick my head on the chopping block and go 2 nil to city Morrison with both, expecting a tough game   Attendance : 24,879 - around 1500 travelling from here in the midlands
  8. Believe me we will not be taking it lightly, Coleman said, forget Chelsea next week we have two bigger games against Norwich and Sheffield United. I am the pessimist but we are playing superbly at the mo.
  9. Our team will be ----------------------------------------------------Westwood-------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Wright ----------------------------- Dann ---------------------------- Turner -------- Fox ----------------------- -------  Bell  ------------------------------  Doyle ---------------------------  Gunnarsson  ------  Mcsheffrey (Expected to be signing on loan this week)   --------------------------------------- Morrison ---------------------------- Best ---------------------------------------- Subs Marshall Ward Beuzelin Eastwood Simpson
  10. We are also a lot better away from home, only lost twice in 15 games at home to Cardiff and away at Derby. Unbeaten in 5 , and Bell was man of the match yesterday, the boy oozes class.
  11. I wouldnt be too surprised if its Elliot Ward from us. Was left out of our squad today.
  12. Hi guys Coventry fan here was just browsing around. I actually go to Henley in arden sports college, i play in the team, and my coach is the one and only Dave Phillips. Very nice person. Still trains with us now and shows us all up, was a great player for Coventry (so my dad says) played in the 87 fa cup winning team. When we do shooting he has a terrific shot. He is currently a coach at Derby County. Yeah very nice person and by the sounds of it a good player. On another point , David Bell, played brilliantly today looks a great little footballer with two good feet and a decent cross, also a good ball player. Thanks for him anyway.      
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