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  1. when did you tell him what you thought of him?? you don''t have to take your kids to games, theres always swearing at football, if you were taking kids to brentford why don''t you go in the upper tier.
  2. yeah i reckon you lot would say all what you''ve said to his face.. what a pathetic bitching session. You sad saddd wankers.
  3. that is my email address. Stoke have accepted a 2.5 million pound bid was the last that i heard.
  4. This shirt is in tremendous condition with KENTON 19 on the back the size is XL Email or pm if you would like a picture seyi.olofinjana@live.co.uk
  5. not sticking up for school kids or anything.. everyone has a different taste in music. :)
  6. wrong ad, ride on time! my mistake :P
  7. [quote user="Hooleyfan"]How about the chorus bit from " The Only way is Up" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxlHiyBewSA[/quote] Yeah like that. Advert with the pheasant :)
  8. at least one person agrees. :) seeing them live twice just makes me want to hear that everytime we score at home next season!
  9. I personally think that our goal music should be Madness - One Step Beyond! The sambaa is getting old now time for a change!
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