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  1. ****************GUNN******************** CULVERHOUSE MACKAY BUTTERWORTH DRURY FOX MULRYNE CROOK EADIE ***********ROBERTS BELLAMY ************
  2. sort it out canaryfan7... gunn picked up a pile of shit that he was left with.. id like to see u polish a turd! end of the day we are in this mess because of the board.... even munby said it... grant.. then roeder... staying up last season just covered the cracks. if gunn is still here or not i think he should be involved at some level.. he is mr norwich city... id also love to see dion dublin back as some kinda coach etc.. sign alan lee.. get rid of clingan, croft, and some of the other big wage players, the money for cligan we can sign alan lee which is a must.. he loves the club, and lets start again, get some of our youth boys in that side now.. bye bye marshall... time for declan rudd... also cody will shine, it will be a tough league but we can do it
  3. ill try and find ya, my msn is rosswelsh21@hotmail.co.uk
  4. yeah ill be well up for it... there is about 3 or 4 of us going... let me know where to meet u etc... also... either PM me... which ill have to work out how to find messages... or add me on facebook ross welsh..   OTBC
  5. I know im gonna get stick for this one... and no doubt Archant may remove this topic.... HOWEVER!! Now how many of you are radio norfolk listeners?? maybe go to the odd game ? Norwich and peterboro'' season ticket holders? well we are all norwich fans no matter what, but some of you are really letting yourselves down. hang on... not just yourselves... but your club... firstly.... the subject of Bryan gunn....and how he shouldnt be manager blah blah blah and i think i have even seen some of you people bringing his daughter melissa into it!, jesus guys get a grip!, no he hasnt got experience.... BUT... he is the right man for the job!, he has great leadership qualities... and the most important thing is... he is a true norwich fan!!! did alex ferguson have experiece when he started out ? arsene wenger? no!, I will be honest with you .... I didnt actually want gunny as manager.... do you know why...? well for this very reason!, seriously guys, im not kidding u, this forum make me ashamed to be a city fan sometimes!...... he is a legend and i knew if we didnt stay up SOME of the good ole norwich fans would do there normal thing and find a scape goat! (and remember where we were and the positon we were in when he took over) yeah i was yelling tonight, saying throw another forward on!!!even jamie cureton!, also i did wonder why shackell came off.... and semi stayed on.. maybe some of you radio norfolk listeners could help me out there? did neil say he was injured??? however i have sat watched england games and thought the same, and capello  isnt a bad manager is he ? that may sounds slightly daft... but id like to see some of us try and manage the team that roeder bl00dy left us with !! AND keep us up... i dont think gunn has done a bad job at all. Roeder ripped the heart and soul of norwich city out ! we are all entilted to our opinion dont get me wrong, but please dont let the club down by stupid comments!, he is a true legend! the one note i will agree is that delia should sell up. HOWEVER! BIG FACTOR... we need to have someone come in and be able to afford to buy us!, Cullum has done an awful lot of talking... thanks to the EDP! but has he actually put in an offer? No i dont think he has ? I could be wrong ? We have a massive game on our hands sunday!, where we need to all pray that we win, and plymouth do us a favor but stranger things have happend!, but we are in this mess because of Roeder, and the players that he brought in!. IF we go down... and I use the work IF!!! we should stick with Gunn, bring back spillane, sell clingan (which is gonna happen no doubt about it) and bring in alan lee and maybe shackell... send back those loan players.... and start a fresh.. and u know what i believe we will have a very good side... bring in some of the acadamy players 2! Sorry to those on the pinkun forum who actually talk sense... but this blog will not be about u.... but those that this is intended for will know who you are! We are a very well supported club, sell over 17,000 season tickets.... but there is a large amount of fans that just let us down! and it would be nice for it to change!   Anyways.... he has no hair but we dont care!!! byan byan gunn  :)   OTBC Rossco  
  6. 1. fernando develd - ole clubfoot!! 2. daryl sutch - well i have my views on this man... wasnt the best on the field... but a right t0sser off it... cant stand the man... had a massive argument with him when i worked for the club, which adrian forbes found funny! 3 paul dalglish - kenny should really get a dna test... surely he wasnt the son of the liverpool legend??? 4. tony cottee - wasnt here long.. but jesus.. he was awful, cant believe he was brought in to replace bellamy lol 5. steve walsh - over weight... and just rubbish!... the game agaisnt wolves where we wore the white kit... need i say more?   there players that may make you think if you are getting stuck for ideas... zema abbey? des hamilton? paul peschshildio?   I see a few have chosen de warrd, well i actually rated the guy... in time he could have become good... well i believe anyway... , also people say ginger pele... the man is mr consistant, ok he is no john terry but he will give it his all.  
  7. Hope your all having a great day Lets hope for 3 points 2moro ! OTBC
  8. you tell em matty lol... why pretend to be some1 lol
  9. i cant see us paying that wage fee... wenger would be desperate to get him games tho.. so u never know
  10. Just thought id get people thinking..... do you think we could get him on loan... Wenger has said he needs games...
  11. hmmm i swear at 3:30pm you were going.... lol
  12. You gonna stay in the UK and support your team ? or u going to OZ ?
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