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  1. go on then, hide behind your curtiains like a typical norfolk dumplin
  2. well you havnt denied that she is in and around king''s street! xx
  3. call me late about 5ish aint got no signal in these shitty parts
  4. YEA i did, did you? i think i fucked you once?>>
  5. i take it your around king street from time to time, maybe getting your dinner money off your mum? im just curious as to know how your so comfortable WITH THIS TERMINLOLOGY
  6. marty my little mucker, take that picture off or i will report you! xx
  7. yes that is the ratio at what your mum gives head
  8. aj... this is david hinton?.. do u know me?..
  9. marty me old boy, I suggest you take that picture of a 13 year old of your profile, before i report you to the norfolk constabulary!  
  10. typical norwich fan only wanting players from norfolk, These will rip the Championship apart! Canaries Till i Die!
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