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  1. OTWTY   Deeply sadden to hear your news, keep strong and positive and in 2 years we can all celebrate not only City’s return to the Premiership but also you beating this wretched illness , keep your chin up and never feel BLUE !!!!   Best wishes to you and your family,   NCFC, such gestures make me proud to be a Yellow!   OTBC
  2. One of the funniest things i have read for a while S.York , thanks for digging it out and sharing the link, QUALITY
  3. Cheers Beauseant , cant say i am looking forward to the clappers but the flags should look good !
  4. Coro, where did you see that there would be flags and clappers provided for the Colchester game ?
  5. Quality quote from "The Holy Grail " Mello ! Run away , Run away LOL
  6. Picking up rumours from a Scum fan I work with that Fozzy is going to them on loan for the rest of the season , now theres a way of enduring yourself to the fans LOL Wont play against us though ( pitty )
  7. predict the following   Norwich v Sheffield       3 points Swansea V Norwich       1 point Norwich V Watford        3 points Ipswich V Norwich         1 point  ( and Safety ) Norwich v Reading        3 points ( Croft gets player of the year award ) Charlton V Norwich        3 points ( and us scoring 4 or more )     So in a nutshell , unbeaten for the remainder of the season , Gunny, Butterworth, Deehan and Crook taking the applause for “The Great Escape “ on the walk round the pitch after the Reading game ( and deservedly so) , Lita also comes on for that and gets a standing ovation   Gunny , as he approached the Barclay to the “He’s got no hair” song runs up and does his head-but the crossbar routine J , much to the delights of the fans     We all sing “staying up at Portman road “ just as the yella faithful did the previous week !!!
  8. Who knows with some rhythmical clapping it could ! 
  9. This could a be a great signing for us , just picture him scoring at Portman Rd Here''s a song suggestion to mark the Occasion   To the tune of Firestarter by the mighty Prodigy         Lalaaaa ,lalala Lalaaaa , lalala   He’s an Ispwich hater , A Yella Ipswich hater,   Scum, scum, scum Scum, scum, scum   Ex Binner who’s defected , Betrayed the scum’s infected   Scum, scum, scum Scum, scum, scum   He’s an Ipswich hater, A twisted Ipswich hater   Lee, Lee, Lee Lee, Lee, Lee   He’s an Ipswich hater, Now Yella infiltrator   Lee, Lee, Lee Lee, Lee, Lee   Lalaaaa , lalala Lalaaaa , lalala    
  10. Norwich Board Norwich Board The Norwich City Board They’ll not be here , so they don’t care The Norwich City Board
  11. Look like terms had been agreed with Wolves but they were not happy with something found at a medical, so i think if he can play tomorrow he will want to prove them wrong . Would be great if he banged a couple in !
  12. Norwich will sign four new players on monday 2nd feb taylor from birmingham iversen from rosenbourg evans of loan from man.city and ronaldo(the old one from brazil) bryan gunn told me this, all 100% true ----------------------------------------- Always worth a look and a laugh !
  13. Yankee , laughed my socks off this morning , excellent !!!!
  14. 15 January 2009 Peter Cullum: Roeder had to go DAN GRIMMER Peter Cullum, the billionaire Norfolk-born businessman who was interested in investing in the Canaries before negotiations with Delia Smith and the rest of the board broke down, said the Charlton match had shown the team were not united behind Roeder. The insurance tycoon, executive chairman of Towergate, said: “I think the pressure on Delia and Michael Wynn Jones to act must have been enormous and they felt they needed to do something.” Mr Cullum once again said he was no longer in a position to make more offers of financial help to the club, given the credit crunch, but added: “Would I let them drift into oblivion? Probably not, but we''ll have to see.”
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