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  1. some Norwich related content at...www.unprofessionalfoul.commaybe..
  2. This young local lass says they want experience, yet the Guardian says they want and ''up and comer'' http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2010/jan/07/burnley-owen-coyle-bolton
  3. It''s an site for Americans. Hence the American spellings.
  4. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/2010/01/07/and-then-i-was-distracted/ Ned
  5. Dear Shyster. I didn''t see the other thread. Please keep your knickers on.
  6. Bookies are not wrong often and tomorrow am you are going to see him as favorite in every daily paper.
  7. Odds on with all the bookies now, national press all over it. He needs to come out and say "I''m not interested" and put it to bed. If he doesn''t by tomorrow then we can read something into that. Come on Paul, unfinished business here mate!    
  8. I hear that maybe there are only 1300 left! So, who has a ticket for the the Colchester areas of the ground?
  9. This discussion heating up over here too.. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/2009/12/16/meet-the-stupidest-man-in-football/
  10. ye what a great article, someone''s been collecting facts. I''ll address one of your many mistakes, we haven''t given you an extra allocation because we will sell it out ourselves. There around 2000 tickets left with a month untill the game which we fully expect to sell, there''s nothing we want more than to beat you AGAIN Sell it yourselves? Only with Norwich fans in the home sections. Your gates this year suggest different. Or are you saying that Colchester fans are fair weather supporters who crawl out of the wood work only when roused by their idiotic Chairman?
  11. Er....Every home and away since 89 and a few from earlier. Throw in the England shirts and they take up the whole top rack of my closet!
  12. 2 Norwich shirts featured.. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/2009/12/16/the-good-the-bad-the-wtf-100/#more-11686
  13. Thanks, what an idiot that guy is. I hope they get an unexpected tax bill of exactly 64,000 quid.
  14. Meet The Stupidest Man In Football Posted by Norfolk Ned on December 16th, 2009 @ 11:45 am | 0 comments One day this man may regret his petty behaviour. Let me introduce you to Robbie Cowling, the Chairman of Colchester United Football Club, a man who is so angry at Norwich City that he is going to let his hate stop him from making SIXTY FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS on January 16, 2010. That’s when Colchester United host Norwich City in League One. United’s home, the Weston Homes Community Stadium, holds 10,000 punters and this season they have averaged around 4,500 a game. That leaves 5,500 empty seats. Colchester United have given Norwich just 1,900 tickets, leaving 3,600 seats– seats that Norwich fans would snap up if they were available, and seats that would bring Colchester the 64,000 smackers. That’s a lot of money for a tiny club like Colchester in this economic climate, don’t you think? You need only read our ‘broke ass Tuesday’ posts yesterday for proof of how the recession is catching up with football. So why is Cowling refusing to sell out his ’stadium’? Well, it’s simple, he is a child– a bitter, angry immature juvenile. Cowling is still angry over manager Paul Lambert’s departure from Colchester to Norwich, a move that Cowling himself agreed to. Sure, he had no choice: Lambert wanted to leave for a bigger club. But ever since Cowling has done nothing but complain and act in a puerile manner, like a toddler throwing a fit in the supermarket. When Lambert moved from the U’s to Norwich, Cowling and Norwich Chief Executive David McNally couldn’t agree on a fee, so the mutual understanding was that Lambert would leave and compensation discussions would carry on until there was a mutual arrangement. That’s when Cowling got stupid and greedy, asking for a ridiculous sum for Lambert’s services. At that point it’s best to go to arbitration and let the FA decide the sum. Recently, Cowling has been obnoxious, spouting publicly how Norwich stole his manager and that the club should be docked points. If this idiot had a brain, he would have agreed to a fee up front before letting his man leave; instead he has all the business sense of Freddie Laker. Now he wants to lose out on 64,000 smackers out of spite? What a tit. Cowling has been fueling what he calls a ‘derby’ (Ipswich is our only real derby; Colchester are just a small team 55 miles away) over the last few days, telling all who will listen how much he wants to win the game and how important it is for him to beat us:“I’m not sure I have ever wanted to win a game of football so badly, therefore, on this occasion, I will do everything in my power to stack whatever odds I can in our favour and if that does mean an empty seat rather than an away supporter then so be it”. Norwich Chairman Alan Bowkett yesterday criticized Cowling’s actions:“We urge them to reconsider their decision, as it seems a shame to potentially stop Norwich City supporters who want to go and watch the game from doing so when the demand is clearly there. Ban me from the match but not our fantastic and vocal fans!” Earlier this season, Colchester handed the extra tickets to Leeds for the clash at the tiddly Weston Homes ground, but it appears that Cowling is scared of what effect 6,000 or so singing Norwich fans will have on the outcome of a game he is deperate to win. Pathetic really. Maybe he should worry about why he can’t sell the seats to Colchester fans week-in, week-out instead. When we stuff Cowling’s team, I hope the papers make note of how much money he could have had if he wasn’t acting like an acrimonious idiot. Up the City!
  15. http://unprofessionalfoul.com/2009/12/16/meet-the-stupidest-man-in-football/  
  16. This bloke from Yeovil, Eric, has to be the most boring person EVER!  
  17. He did say he was going to come and visit us too. That''ll be fun!
  18. Dr Ink. You have news or just that speculation written on vital Lincoln?
  19. Burnley, Hull etc etc. Gotta try. Bread and butter of the league is far more important. 2 seasons of dire league one games and 6 decent with the cup. Or this season, winnign league. I can''t believe people are choosing the cup. Forget money and europe, as said above, look at Millwall, thats the reality.
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