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  1. As I was one of the first postings on this subject I will just have to defend the lad involved.I stand (sit) opposite the lad and he did not try to hit the steward,it was more of a case of defending himself from some pretty rough treatment from an adult three times his age.In any other scenario this guy would be up for an assualt charge,I know because I do voluntary work with young people and yes I have been CRB checked.
  2. OK,OK so the term '' real supporters'' is  a bit ambiguous to other City supporters,my point is this group of young lads are passionate and like to keep the '' vocal'' support going in the Snakepit when things are a bit quiet on and off the pitch.The other post is right in the fact that the head steward has it in for the one particular lad.His ''hands on'' approach is seriously winding up other people in the pit, and the club might well look at deploying him to another part of the ground.Point made bring on dirty Leeds and the Scum!
  3. The commotion was about a group of young lads who sit opposite me on row L,the head steward made his minnions make a beeline straight for them and the rest of us right from kick off.OK we all know its against ground regulations to stand but this particiclar little Hitler has made it his mission to banish any form of atmosphere from the Snakepit by getting people to sit down.There was no complaints from fans around these lads and they would have sat down(evenually).These lads are the real fans who are passionate about city,I know they are all away season ticket holders as well so will be at Millwall midweek and Reading next saturday and will be standing and chanting!Credit to the Snakepit around them who were not going to have then ejected today and forced the stewards to back off.I noticed that even one of the Carrow Road men in suits had to intervein to calm the situation.Notice to Snakepit officials is that the next two home games dirty Leeds and Scum I for one will be standing throughout and giving my all!!!
  4. I agree with you Paul, my first visit to Loftus Road and was in lower tier block T3 .No agro from stewards for standing,mister baldie in the Snakepit could take hint.Will go back to QPR again.
  5. I reserve that particular song only for the ''Scummers'' and adapt it to who ever is in charge , and of course this season it will be Roy.
  6. Just checked London Underground travel news,it will have to be Central Line for travel on Saturday.No sevice on the Hammersmith line upto Moorgate and no Circle Line service all weekend.Hope this is usefull.
  7. It reminded me of the 70''s when fireworks were thrown around the old Barclay,I think it was a smokebomb anyway it was a bit silly and I would think the club will be taking steps to ID the culprit for a ban and conviction.It has no place in any part of the ground as we are a family club not a Millwall.Anyway a good  atmosphere in the Snakepit tonight, despite the efforts of the bald headed man in a jacket.The rather tasty head women in a jacket was better we sat down for her!!!
  8. Lets  all break into the chant '' Theres only one Roy Waller'' like we did in front of City Hall on that memorable May night,I know that Roy said on Radio Norfolk later he was deeply touched to be seranaded by 40,000 odd city fans that night.
  9. I will give it try in the Snakepit on Saturday,sounds a good little ditty I usually sing '' you are my Norwich'' at least once during the game.
  10. Will gladly assist you Harry,pointed end first!
  11. For the day I waved a Blue and White flag but on the tube was mistaken for a Chelsea fan,it was a very hard job to place where Wroxham was so just said near Norwich league One Champions.Had great fun in Wembley singing On the Ball Wroxham but we all kept forgetting at the end and chanted CITY,CITY !
  12. Poundland have some interesting inflatables for something like a pound!!!.I have a BEN TEN beach ball whoever he is.Look out for a inflatable banana in the Snakepit as well.
  13. Its a pity the Plod with the camcorder  has not been outside Carrow Road all season after home games,he would have got plenty of footage of crazy drivers trying to take a few of us out on Carrow Bridge.
  14. It started as a wind up to the Snakepit stewards who were doing the same old story '' sit down lads'',actually it was pretty funny seeing the old bill and man in a jacket arses twitching .I really don''t that many were going to invade the pitch three year ban and all that,but hey we hav''nt had that many days at Carrow road to be a bit crazy have we.Brainless idiots no I don''t think so.
  15. I went in ticket office after match to check if I have definatly got them as no letter of unsuccessfull came,nice lady on counter confirmed that my tickets were winging their way to me and should be there on Monday.
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