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  1. Anyone seen the video footage on the homepage, Deehan, Gunn and Munby are ok but Crook''s put on some weight has he not!!
  2. You obviously can''t read. I  actually said I don''t care what style of football we play and I was criticising other fans you dipstick.
  3. That''s cobblers mate. Generally speaking managers have a style of play they prefer and will generally take that style of play with them wherever they go. I''m thinking Kevin Keegan, Sam Allardice, Capello......need I go on??
  4. I remember Watford playing down at Carrow Road a while ago and many fans after the game were saying how they hated the style of play and how they wouldn''t pay money to see that s***e every Saturday. And now guess what?? Everybody wants the very manager who told them to play that way in at Norwich!! Don''t get me wrong I don''t really give a stuff what style of play we adopt so long as it is effective but I wouldn''t mind betting that these same fans will be moaning in six months time about are style of play. By the way we don''t have the sort of players here to play that style so where will that leave us??
  5. What a waste of time and how can anyone take this seriously when you have spelt Norwich incorrectly!! Muppet.
  6. How is this for fans who are fed up with depressing news?? This is the most depressing post I have read all day!!
  7. I only wrote 14 words, how can that make me sound 10 ??
  8. Lets just put this in perspective. We were playing against a quality Spurs team, the majority of which played with each other last year with the exception of some quality signings. We had four or five players making their first Carrow Road appearance and another four or so players to come in, so come on every one, let''s not write off our season before it has even begun. Spurs will probably knock five past several prem sides next season, I''m fairly sure Coventry don''t have players in the same mould as Modric, Dos Santos, Bent, Bale, King need I go on? Roeder will get this right.
  9. Well said, a great post full of sense. I''d buy you a pint mate
  10. a) I don''t want a pat on the head from delia b) We won''t have it back again, it''s in the past - move on.
  11. So what your suggesting is that the team today was worse than many of the performances under Peter Grant against such opposition as Plymouth, Coventry, Scunthorpe etc when considering that Spurs will probably beat several premiership teams by three or four goals next season?? I''d suggest that you are wrong and it wasn''t that bad.
  12. your little cartoon there is very impressive but I''m fairly sure Huck''s shot hits the bar?? Am I the only one who thinks this??
  13. Hooray - someone talking some sense. Well said mate, couldn''t have put it better myself. Fitness is all that matters at this time of the season and getting to know your team mates names when you have eight new signings!!
  14. ree with you, but if someone thinks you are talking utter rubbish, you can expect someone to point it out.
  15. What exactly do you mean by I''ll get what I deserve. My aim is to carry on supporting my team, I will achieve that, you sir, I suspect will not achieve whatever it is you are trying to achieve.
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