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  1. Long shot I know but looking for 2 tickets for me and my lad. Both season ticket holders and missed out in ballot second year in a row. If anyone can help 07743 077353 Cheers.
  2. [quote user="Frodo"]we dont deserve to go to wembley because we didnt win the quarter final against lets face it lads a bigger team. we dont have a big enough squad and think of how tired our lads will be from a cup run which we would never win[/quote] Well done you win the most ridiculous statement ever seen on a message board. Against Modern Football Fans...
  3. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Pachecos Boots"]Deadline was last Sunday I think. Anyone heard anything about what categories were successful?[/quote]Are you a poor relation of Huckerby''s Boots?[/quote] Yeh you could say that. Only I don''t have a pair of Huckerbys boots!! Good news about West Ham anyway.
  4. Deadline was last Sunday I think. Anyone heard anything about what categories were successful?
  5. No one was saying we needed a new midfield after dominating Spurs in that area. Another typical Knee jerk reaction. Get a grip
  6. His name is Robert Snodgrass He wore a bobble hat Because it had a Leeds badge on He felt a ***king T*4t He went into the clubshop And bought a Norwich one And now he''s signed for City He''s scoring goals for fun Whooooah
  7. He''ll cross from the left He''ll cross from the right That Robert Snodgrass Makes defenders look sh1te Copyright - Mitchell Johnson (Australia)
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