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  1. OY!!! Did you not notice last season how as soon as wiz started the Hexes we dint lose 13 on the trot. then he stopped and we lost! Wizes Hexes are part of this message board and im always a little bit concerned if he hasnt done one!!! Keep em up wiz! Make sure they get stronger and stronget though!! we could do wit 80 points this season!! Hope yourr feeling better mate.(the problem you will find with norfolk virgins is that generally there arnt many!)
  2. Im not calling you a liar but are you awear that JJB sports can not do any other shirts oother than premier league shirts as if they do they are in breaking there licencing laws. Youare not aloud (licenced premises) to print a premier league logo (numbers or letters) on to any thing else other than a premier leaguue shirt. Just thort id let you know.Have a good dayBen
  3. After numerous errors and problems the site has now officialy changed to http://www.freewebs.com/benscharitywalk  cheers guys and sorry
  4. Im doing the whole get lots of maps thingLolINCASE ANY ONE IS INTERESTED THE WEBSITE IS             http://ben98155.webs.com     Some times there is a random error aperaing on fire box, just hit try again. Feed back from poeple would really be appreciatedBen
  5. well with just two or three posts you''ve managed to make what im doing look easy!!! lol
  6. Hi evil monkey,If its deffinitly scotland then i will go to edinborough (361 miles 9 days) but there is a likely hood i may only go as far as newcastle (251 miles 7 days)Thanks for you''re interest, Ben
  7. Hi All,This is most deffinitly not football related so i appologise in advance,At the begining of next year (hopefully) i am doing a charity walk from norwich to Scotland in aid of cancer reasearch and diabetes UK. Dont worry im not asking you all for money although sponsorship is more than welcome (ill give any one the web address if you want it) However i neeed to get in shape and was wondering if there are any gyms out there that would let me use there facilities free of charge and there name could get a mention in the press article of possibly have there name on the walking shirt or something like that. Anyone.?????......Cheers guysBen(and sorry again to all those people that hate the un-football related posts) (i am usually one of those people as well)
  8. Hi all, ATL- Above the Law, a gang of youths who send runners, smaller kids to torment older people, usually with good clothes as so the offended person will chase them, they run down an alley where the rest of ATL is waiting, they then beat the chaser and as ''their mark'' will steal the shoes! Its really very sad!
  9. Scowcroft is a deffiniate no no acording to doncaster! Thank God! Id have hatted having him here! (unless he scored a hatrick against the scum! So any ideas on who it could be? I still reckon we are in for iveson! Hopefully will be done before monday 24:00H.Have a Good day people
  10. my brothetr cant go, phone me and you can borrow his season ticket. 01917467174Ben
  11. thecanaryfan wrote the following post at 20/08/2008 7:22 PM: Shes one of those guuuuuuuurrrrrrrlllls............... ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR there howible
  12. Jo from Kita driving scholl husband use to to something like this for eadie and curteon- i think
  13. ohhhhhhhhhh....k  thanks for youre imput the jas.... erm very,,, usefull? I wont be doing that though!! lol
  14. But could any one give me a lift to a from MK??? No special needs just there n back. just found out all the bus tickets have been sold!!! noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Please... any one  ring me---  07917467174Thanks guysBen
  15. Im officialy berating you now houston. You my friend are a class A plonker my son.Web Team please for the love of all that is good delete this thread. Its poointless, anoying, and offensive. It might as well have been started by smudger.The original point was maybe fair enuff but its now just turned stupid. PETE PLEASE DELETE!!!!
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