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  1. because i didn''t know we was in for a striker, if i left it as it was you would of asked which striker correct? which i can''t answer
  2. but heard wolves are upping a bid for shacks! im not sure i''d sell to be honest. and couldnt trust the board for all the money either!
  3. thats the rumours i''ve heard. heard an unamed player maybe involved. im purely guessing at a striker seems we need one. would fancy bothroyd to be honest!
  4. You heard it here first. I understand we may be trying to get a Striker thrown into the deal! but i dont want to be naming names now do i!
  5. 1.5m deal in place, he is off to wolves due to them chasing new defender due to stearman getting injured. Don''t mind selling him as long we are garunteed the 1.5m to spend!
  6. 1. more than 50% of his deals being loans or perms havn''t started on regular basis 2. more than 70% of his deals havn''t made suffiiecent improvement to the team 3. we finished the league a couple spaces from where he took over last season 4. you says we creating chance we are playing coventry and blackpool. what about when we get reading, birmingham, wolves, ipswich? 5. managed35 won13 lost13 draw9 37.14win% hardly prolfic for a team who should be near the top 6. he has had good 10months to shape norwich up, now its time he needs to produce results, he cant keep getting on by complaining about deals and that hs been here short time
  7. more and more fans each week slowly starting to lose faith in him or becoming fruastrated. these people are currently in the minority.he can only live on for so long if we continue to play like this! im all for giving managers time to turn things around and build a squad if i feel the managers has it in him, but roeder hasn''t imo, every club he been to he has got off to a cracking start then after 6months gone sour very quickly. when will people turn nasty on him? surely on a matter time the way we''re going. please prove me wrong glenn, i would love you to!
  8. [quote user="Steve H"] [quote user="alykanas"]I am not on 12k a week, what am I doing wrong?[/quote] Your s*** at football. [/quote] what and holla hoop isn''t? i like the kid and believe he very talented but 12k for championship player is somewhat of a joke! wonder if he got more due to being sold on the cheap.
  9. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]I mentioned Chris Iwelomu before his move to wolves. Played with JC before and provern, so why was no effort made to sign him? By the way hes got 4 goals in 2 games.[/quote] he cack, but better than our cack
  10. [quote user="thecanaryfan"][quote user="billy bunter"] You heard it hear 1st   [/quote] Good shout Billy! [/quote] Can''t believe we didn''t beat this bunch of mugs. lost faith in glenn he is an idiot and is destroying norwich city   we want glenn and the board to SOD OFF!!!! joke we are at the moment a laughing stock
  11. i even stuck a queens note on us to win. thats how confident i am.
  12. haha, no im still not convinced with us but we far better than blackpool who lost key players we do them about 2 or 3 nil
  13. jerome to pompey????????? was a loan hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm we dont like to sign players for fee roeder loves loans board love loans all you tinted glass wearers love loans   so surely perfect deal is a LOAN
  14. [quote user="alykanas"]Whatever borders may exist, Lowestoft is an honourary Norfolk town.[/quote] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lowestoft its in suffolk you bloody numpty. for gods sake get a LIFE! FACE FACTS!!!  
  15. is the deal for bishop going to be a loan? surely its got be loan? roeder doesn''t complete per transfers for money
  16. [quote user="Tony Harrison"][quote user="thecanaryfan"] Oh dear, with the signings of Campo, Thatcher and Ameobi, Ipswich have signed three players who are head and shoulders better than any player in the Norwich squad. All three are proven Premier League players. We cant compete without investment. Simple as. [:(] [/quote] Amoebi - struggles with the little things like standing up and looking like he gives a F***. Ask any geordie. Thatcher - nasty thuggish thick tw*t. shud fit right in with binners. Campo - fat, fat ,fat, fat, fat. If your post weren''t so utterly laughable I might get bit depressed. If they were proven prem players.................fill rest in yourself. [/quote] funny thing is though im sure if we signed any of them you would have an erection on how good they are!
  17.   birmingham reading derby (yes derby) wolves palace watford forest donaster chalton ipswich (as much hate say) qpr sheff utd team worse than us plymouth sheff weds blackpool saints barnsley teams our standard burnley swansea bristol c coventry preston   these just my opinions before im slated
  18. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Crapdiff... what a money spinner that would have been... [/quote] its seeded you tit head
  19. what with the "as" bit in afterwards? if so i apoligise!
  20. You''re being as big a prat as he is     Is that written in perfect English?
  21. he was terrible at wolves in the premier during his spell, but then he hit a hatrick vs valencia which one do you guys reckon we''l get? garuntee it will be the terrible one
  22. every week so numpty on here posts "ameobi set to sign for norwich" quite frankly i dont believe any rumours on us chasing him till its out in the open we actually bidded for him. quality striker bad enough lose him to a champ rival let alone ipswich for fucks sake! why are some people want rasiak to? was a good player now over hill and done what past two seasons? nothing! ameobi could be the spearhead of our future team! quite frankly we pissed about for too long on the deal haggling over the price and now seem to appear missing out on our main target!
  23. [quote user="Clipped Canary"][quote user="billy bunter"] [quote user="Clipped Canary"]Simple request for you Bunty. Post pictures of your ticket stubs from the two games you went to. It''s not difficult, just scan them in and post them. Personally, I think you''re full of s**t, and would just like a bit of reassurance as to how big a tw@t we''re really dealing with. [/quote] what a d!ckhead mate, i will do that just for you mate, dont see why i have to prove myself for being norwich fan for 24yrs of my life! How do i know your not supporter? send me your copies to please address please? [/quote] Point 1 - I''m not, nor ever will be your ''mate'', so please can you refrain from calling me that. I know you "geeza''s" like to use that word a lot, but could you try not to for a little while? Point 2 - What exactly are you trying to say above? "How do I know your not supporter". I never said I wasn''t a supporter? Why would I be on here otherwise? I''ve got a picture of a Canary as my avatar. What more proof do you need? Alas, I have nothing I can send to you as I didn''t go to the games. Now obviously that means I''m not a ''Hardcore elite'' fan such as yourself, but it''s just something I''ll have to live with. Ho-hum.......... [/quote] Love it i do, what a statement from you. Because your picture is a canary and your name is norwich related you are a supporter correct? yet i have a norwich picture yet my name isn''t related to norwich and im a fake supporter? yeah see how that one works.
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