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  1. I will be fair to him, but at this moment i don''t rate him, if i am proved wrong then great, i do give players a chance but also form early opinions
  2. good to hear charlies dad, nice for a bit of PR by the players, i personally don''t rate jonsson, but time will tell, but i do think svenny should be given a chance. As for helveg well the jury is still out but not impressed so far
  3. I think at the end of the day, whilst not wanting to see anyone, we need to be realistic and if a bid came in at more than a player was valued, Green/Drury for example, then the board would sell. p.s Charlies Dad, you heard anymore from your source latley?????
  4. I agree, surely Robert Green must be in with a shout, I mean look at the options from this weekend and the weekend before, James let in 4, Robinson 6 (weekend just gone) and Walker 4 the weekend before that,
  5. I''ve just heard a rumour from a very reliable source that there has been some serious intrest froma club in the midlands about Paul Mcviegh, the figure of 2.5 million has benn mentioned
  6. While this whole idea is great thats all it could ever be is an Idea!!! I myself put in a large sum of money to the Shares option and that was a great idea but one which could affect the team from a fans point of view is terrible. What if Huckerby doesnt score for 10 games and worthy wants to drop him, how will the fans react to there hard earned money sitting on the bench or even in the stands, they would go mad and be calling for the managers head before you knew it. so yes get a fund up and running for the club but not for one player
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