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  1. Kasper isn''t greedy. When at Notts County under the Munto regime he was on wages the club couldn''t afford once it became clear that there wasn''t the promised millions coming in. (When Sven was there and realised it was all a con when Notts, literally, "Couldn''t pay the milk bill".). Kasper could have stayed and said ''not my problem'', or demanded a huge pay off to wind up his contract. He did neither - just accepted the situation and reluctantly - he''d enjoyed his time at Notts - left for Leeds. No fuss, no going to the media, no tantrums, just honest dealing and a great gesture.Great keeper, gets the best out of those around him, good leader, passionate about his football, good attitude, good trainer.
  2. Notts fan in peace. Next door to Notts'' ground on Meadow Lane is the Trent Navigation, recently refurbished and has 4 SKY Sports TVs. Opens 11.00a.m.If you are in Nottm Friday night how about trying  out the Trent Navi and then watching Notts V Bradford in the FA Cup? 7.45 kick off. Kasper Schmiechel worth the entrance fee and Sven will be there.  (There''s a special deal on as well - £40 gets you a ticket for a seat (leather!) in the Vice Presidents section of the main stand,  a 4 course meal in the 1862 Suite, free programme and a reserved parking spot very close to the ground). Should be a good game but you might have to put up with Peter Thorn playing for Bradford.Hope this helps anyway.Good luck for Saturday,Norwichmagpie.
  3. The ''ginger pele'' at Notts? I think you can discount that one! Hope so anyway. Notts linked with everyone at the moment. (I''m not complaining! [:)]Nexus-Canary got it right imo.
  4. Yup, wld probably get a hatful. Declan Rudd on loan to Notts for experience? He''s probably behind two keepers at Norwich now in terms of getting a game.Pilkington lost form at Notts and Russell Hoult good keeper to learn from[:D]
  5. Thanks CanaryTom, hadn''t spotted it. Bit of an overlap and don''t want to tread on any County toes, but it remains an interesting question. There were a lot of Agents at Meadow Lane on Saturday - maybe he was just making contacts?
  6. Could be! Jamie Cureton on loan to Notts as he is dropping down the pecking order at Carrow Road? Delroy Facey to Norwich to partner Grant Holt up front? Youngsters will take a while to come through at Notts but worth putting down a marker.
  7. was at Meadow Lane on Saturday? Apart from meeting Sven of course [:)] He seemed to be making a lot of notes but apparently they looked more like notes on formations. But as Norwich won''t be playing either Notts or Forest in the league this season that seems unlikely. If scouting, who?(Notts beat Forest 2-1 btw).
  8. Blackpool.Norwich and Notts County both miss out. Championship football seems to have been the appeal.
  9. Lol!(Ummm, I''ll just check.....) (Camuldonum - where can I read the piece you''ve done please?)
  10. Crafty Canary - I guess he means that Norwich, unless you know better, have not been asked if they want any ''dodgy Arab money''. (The research shows that the proposed investors in Notts are led by  Al-Thani who is leading the Middle East''s bid to hold the 2022 World Cup. To be linked tot the oldest Football League Club in the world might make a deal of sense in the light of that.). The company behind the Notts bid invested $7 billion over the last two years in property dealings world wide. I''m absolutely certain Norwich have some selling points - what''s holding investors back?As said, Notts County is the oldest Football League Club in the world (1862 but with letter headed paper also showing 1860.) Earliest reported match was against Trent Valley in 1864, twenty-a-side knock about, started at 2.00pm and lasted ''until some time after sunset''. Reporter didn''t stay to the end by the seems of things in that no score is recorded! Match versus Sheffield, who are the oldest club but remain amateur, reported on January 2nd 1865  - Sheffield in scarlet shirts and caps - seventeen-a-side, Sheffield won 1-0. Notts went on to be one of the twelve clubs that founded the Football League in 1888. (*Pedant''s reply!)
  11. Please don''t mention us in the same breath as Accrington and Burton! Oldest Football League Club in the World! (But not doing very well at the moment)Doubt we''ll get Billy Clarke but at least showing some ambition.Matty Gill, ex Notts County, currently with Exeter but out of contract has, along with his agent, had talks with Bryan Gunn btw.Motherwell interested in him as well.(You''ll just have to believe me).Midfielder, never given a prolonged run with Notts but done well with Exeter. Bags of energy and some skill, Fakenham lad. Rated by Exeter fans.Ok for League 1 imo.
  12. " Malcolm Allen and Dave Phillips put us 2-0 up by half-time, Arsenal hit back after the break, but then Tim Sherwood scored to give us a 3-2 lead as we approached the end of the game. There were about 5 minutes left when David O''Leary, pushed forward from centre-back, made it 3-3. That was bad enough but worse was to follow when they got a really dodgy penalty........."Well rememebered!
  13. By chance, I am reading Gunny''s autobiography ''In Where it Hurts'' at the moment and there''s a good description of what happened pages 150 to 153.A few extracts:4th November 1989....a really dodgy penalty from a corner in the very last minute of the match....... I flung myself to the right and saved his shot, only for the ball to rebound straight back to him, jammy sod. Dixon scuffed the follow-up ...........Mark Bowen and Ian Culverhouse went for it along with... Alan Smith. The three of them got in an almighty tangle and the ball, along with all of them, was bundled over the line............then I noticed Nigel Winterburn having a gloat to Dale Gordon, who promptly pushed him. All of a sudden it was kicking off big time............The only people not involved to begin with were John Lukic, Tony Adams, David O''Leary and me.Eventually, I went over to try to break things up and calm the situation down. But, as I made my way over. I saw the cavalry coming over the half-way line in the shape of O''Leary and Adams.I felt it was my job to head them off at the pass and moved in, instinctively grabbing Adams with one hand and thumping him with the other. It was absolute bedlam...........The only man who kept out of the fracas was John Lukic.Later, ''Gunn blames Arsenal'' were the headlines in the ''Today'' Paper: photos of his contact with Adam''s face in the Sunday papers.Gunny finishes up at Lancaster Gate on a disrepute charge and was fined 2 week''s wages by the club. Norwich were fined £50,000 and Arsenal £30,000Hope this helps - it''s a great read!
  14. The Pink Un newspaper quotes Hareide as being interested and as still having friends in Norwich. The odds being quoted elsewhere on this message board don''t include Hareide though. Not even e.g. 60/1 bar.Anyone know any more?By the way, still convinced the appointment will be made before the Tuesday night game on 27th but still think it will be a short term appointment to the end of the season and it will be from a list of unemployed managers, rather than pay compensation. (Malky might be cheaper to prize away as a number two though).Ince isn''t fully qualified as a coach.
  15. Sorry to intrude, but my guesses from a distance are:Gunny plus one or two others from existing staff to be in charge for SaturdayNorwich won''t appoint a manager who is currently employed as they probably cannot afford to pay compensation (which would rule out the likes of Robins - who from my knowledge of League 2 would do you a good job. Also would make it difficult to get Malky from Watford as say a No.2)But Boothroyd, like Mister Chops, would be my betAppointment to be made by January 27th so there is a bit of time to shop in the January Window but appointment will be initially on a short-term contract only to the end of the season. i.e. specific job to prevent relegation.And how about Aage Hareide as an outside bet. Norwegian Press apparently linking him to the Norwich job. (Though that might be their job to do so!).I''ll go back to my nest now but good luck with whoever you appoint.
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