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  1. [quote user="TIL 1010"] [quote user="dezmondo18"]you can clearly read what i wrote ,so im not gonna argue with you comment or dont im not bothered. But it does appear people are more intrested in picking holes instead of having a actual opinion on what people write [/quote] 1)Sentences start with a capital letter.....Y not y. 2) "what i wrote" incorrect grammar,should be "what i have written". 3)im should be i''m or i am. 4)gonna should be going to. 5) you should be your. 6)dont im should read don''t i''m or do not i am. 7)Sentences do not start with but. 8)Incorrect spelling of intrested,i take it you mean interested? 9)Words starting with a vowel do not have "a" before them,it should be "an" as in "an actual" 10)Finally sentences end in a full stop.     [/quote] OMG...... You clearly have nothing better to do!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. [quote user="supercol"]The guy comes on here, full of enthusiasm for the new season , and all some of you can do is moan about his grammar, you must have f**king boring lives.[/quote] well said!!!!!!!!
  3. Yes he a earny type player but stronger and alot less lazy!!
  4. Dosen''t one  have a log fire one should be sat in front off with ones pipe and slippers old chap ? spiffing !!!
  5. It does appear dezmondo we have our selfs a little gem possibly!! hopefully!! It also appears that some people on here are more worried about spellings and grammer than a footy issue, this is a footy forum not a school!!! so those people can get with the programme or jog on!!! We are all different and i for one was more interested in the 2 girls sat in front of me in english than what the teacher was on about so sue me !!!
  6. To be fair in my modest opinion he cant be any worst than dickson he was a severly over rated player and we did well to get 2 mill for him , also he was  by far the worst player on the pitch in the cup final . 150k worth a punt !!!
  7. Hi all , a guy who works for me is a regular lowestoft town goer, like every week, and he wreckons that a certain paul mcveigh, and our very own hucks have agreed to play for them next season in the new league, they have just been promoted to. Not sure myself but hay hoe you never know thought id share cheers .
  8. yep 1 win then the promised land , well sort off lol!!   .Cant think of a better place to get it tho!! c,mon city!!!!
  9. well, i play darts for a pup team , and the boys used to say i was under the thumb lol !! hence thumb180
  10. Good  post,  in anser to the question ie  post title my dad also preston at home 2=0 win i was 6 never looked back!!!
  11. [quote user="spencer 1970"] I know its early in his NCFC career but I''d say Holt has more to his game than Roberts (not our biggest IR fan, very rare I know (awaits heavy flack)). Much more dynamic and can take defenders with him a lot more...plus he plays the width of the forward line a lot more. More importantly for us he''s hit the ground running (unlike IR did) albeit a div lower. and even though Coldplay can bang the in too, Holt has to do C.Martins running as well. [/quote] Im with u spence, for me roberts was /is abit overrated, yes he was the best we had at the time but compared to a modern day striker  would warm the bench. Holt Alltho div 1 still has more to show plus workrate, fitness, and desire all higher . mcnamee to tall to be fox !!!
  12. In all honesty i have no idea,but the one thing i do know. is lambert does know !!!!    And that makes me HAPPY!!!
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