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  1. As always a good summary Ricardo. Personally I thought the first half was really good and yes it was great to see Wes back in the team. The little flicks and passes more than make up for the frustrating parts, it just feels like something might happen when he''s on the field.Alartz, Jog on you toilet..(in my best Danny Dyer accent)
  2. [quote user="The New Boy"][quote user="Albyella"]Any idea of the crowd size tonight?[/quote]Varies from person to person. [/quote]*stands and applauds*
  3. 1. Cricket - It''s better than football for too many reasons but primarily because you support the game itself before your team.2. Cricket3. Cricket4. NHL Ice Hockey (which won''t start again until Sept)I also love cycling (although I get overtaken by everyone). I have a meeting at 11 and then at 12 tomorrow. I could cry. 
  4. Possibly a manager''s attire is simply a reflection of his environment. (Snakepit excepted of course)
  5. Great stuff as always Richardo.I thought we were unlucky to be one down at half time but the introduction of Kamara gave us a lift, hard to fit Wes''s creativity into a team with two up front, when will we realise he isn''t a blasted winger. After the Fulham game it was nice to be reminded once more why we turn out.This one is for Snowy and I''ve just raised my glass.
  6. Thanks for the report. I liked the factual style with the comment about the Kane shirt thrown in.Look forward to the next one.
  7. 38 I''m afraid but I look a bit younger with a hat on. Sorry, wrong question?
  8. Surely the reason why Wes seems to give the ball away more than everyone else is that he happens to have the ball more than everyone else.Always looking for it, always searching for a way to unlock a defence. Often it doesn''t come off and yes, he tries to take one too many men on (yesterday in the second half was a classic example) but he is the one player we have that can create an opening from nothing. He gave Arsenal''s many million pound midfield the runaround last week for goodness sake. You can''t just be functional at this level and win games. Much as he may frustrate, we need Wes on the pitch whenever possible.
  9. [quote user="The acolyte"]Indeed timmah. This forum is thick with scum.[/quote]Scuse me old chap. This isn''t WACOE or a Milwall forum. Your language and especially use of ''bintard'' (presumably from ''retard'') is utterly inappropriate.Tone it down old son.
  10. A sensible, balanced, well thought out original post. Ban this filth immediately.
  11. Silence, please let it be silence. I can''t stand minutes applause, it''s a case of let''s all do something we do lots at football matches anyway (unless you are at Portman Rd of course) To stay silent takes effort, anyone can make a noise.
  12. [quote user="hogesar"][quote user="ting tong"]It is really easy to answer we have managed to appoint a modern day glen rodent? God help us.[/quote]1) Chris Hughton''s widely known as being one of footballs `nice guys`. Roeder does not fall into this category.2) Roeder signed 739 loan players.3) Roeder was a complete and utter Twunt, much like yourself infact.4) You can try all you like but we have no intention of taking Paul Jewell off your hands.[/quote]This this and this again Mr Hogesar. We were very unlucky to go away without a point yesterday. The introduction of Wes gives us so much more on the way forward. Yes, the strikers need to put the thing in but we should have got three against West aaam and we could have walked away with all three yesterday if the run of the ball had been different. We can use a bit of calm around the place right now.( PS Hogesar,  I presume you will be at the UEA in Nov for NFG plus Less than Jake? Can''t wait myself..)
  13. [quote user="fried_chicken"]A club is more than the 11 players that are on the pitch. Simon Lappin trains with the youth team every other day (all age groups) as well as doing first team training. He''s popular with the players and has never let us down. A club is more than a team; a club needs players that are happy to sit out and not be pushing for a starting place, Lappin will do a good job in defence or midfield. I wish people would understand that having a squad full of players with loads of ability isn''t a good way to form a successful club (unless you''re doing a Man City and are buying the worlds best).[/quote]This, again and again. By the OP''s argument we would never fill a reserve goalkeeper''s slot. The work contributing to the success of the first team stretches across the whole squad (even if some never play on a Saturday), who do the regular first teamers practice against all week to improve their game do we think? And he''s the damn King of Spain so back away from the Internet sunshine.. ;)
  14. NCP: (definition from Google) ''Subpart J of the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan (NCP) directs EPA to prepare a schedule of dispersants, other chemicals''Not sure they are altogether concerned with Norwich City transfers. (Could be about parking of course.)
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