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  1. Tell me about it, I thought QPR was bad but Sellhurst park made you wonder why they were chargeing you £25 a ticket when the facilities were crap, the stadium looks like an utter dump apart from the stand to the away fans left and the view was also very poor. The game itself was good value for money but ground was not one of the better ones ive been too.
  2. You should have seen some of the neat passing build up play we produced today, no lie we looked a different class to Palace at times today when we carved open their defence to create some good chances through some very neat one touch football that was very pleaseing on the eye, I don''t know how the hell Roeder got us passing the ball about that well because that''s not something I have come used to in recent years but full credit to him and yets just hope we can keep it up.
  3. I was at the game today and I can honestly tell you that Croft was by far the best player on the pitch today, he absolutely worked his arse off today and caused the Palace LB all sorts of problems along with delivering some very dangerous balls into the box, when he was subbed off in the second half he got a huge appluase from the City fans who clearly appreciated the work he put in today and after his performance today I can''t see him not starting the next City game, so very well done to Croft.
  4. I thought we played some really neat football today, some of the passing and moveing was the best ive seen from Norwich for some time. Some of our one touch build play that carved out some good chances was just fantastic and was very pleaseing on the eye. I agree with you though, we need Tiny back because i''m almost positive that we will miss him now that were back to the Doc and Shacks partnership. The biggest problems we have had over the last few weeks is out ability to kill the game off and score more than 1 goal, today we created the chances but I feel that were still in great need of a goalscorer, don''t know if GR''s got anyone in mind for January but if we want to take it to that next level we need a 20+ goals a season man that I don''t think we have right now.
  5. [quote user="Steelsilver"]1-3 watford as i predicted. TBH i can''t see any sunlight until we get in 3 or 4 new exp pro''s. This was poor, very poor, the people of ethiopia would feel rich in the presence of tonights team!! pathetic!!![/quote]   Poor performance but to be fair Watford are the best side in this league (IMO), and they have turned many teams over this season so were not the first nor will we be the last. Disappointing to lose another game but I don''t think you can look into this match too much, although I have no doubt some fans will complain that Roeder isn''t good enough after this one game.
  6. I didn''t go to the game tonight but listend to it on the radio and I can''t say I heard many boo''s at all at the end of the game. Perhaps someone who was there could clear that up though?....
  7. [quote user="TwoSheds"][quote user="1st Wizard"] I don''t care what the binner fans say, I feel like we won the derby game and had DD stayed on..........we might well have!. Passing and movement was a 100% better and I thought Rusty and Chadders were imense today, and Curo''s goal was awsome. Taylor looked commanding, as dids Laps, and if this is the result of the Roeder effect..........then I want more.  Bring on Watford.[:D] [/quote] Thats it.....one half decent performance. Lets put all the delia and board squit behind us now shall we? Not on your bloody nelly! [/quote]   Yeah yets just do what you do, sit in your chair and moan about all things Norwich City, that will make things alot better!!!   whingeing sod
  8. It''s like getting blood out of a stone mate, to tell you the truth i''m done with listening to their anti Norwich posts becasue unlike most fans it''s not just the occasional moan it''s all they ever seem to do, wish more of you could just take my advice and ignore them instead of putting them in the spotlight where they want to be.
  9. I''ll believe it when I see it, if you are wrong then it''s yet more nonsense from people who continue to post on this message board with imformation from so called reliable sources which more often than not is aload of crap!
  10. I don''t think it will be Paul Jewell (as much as I want it to be) because the Board have constantly said how they need to find a new man ASAP and I can''t see them holding out for yet another week on the hope that Paul Jewell might actually want the job which sounds unlikely enough to me as it is, on top of that they have already interviewed several people for the job so I can''t see it happening myself.
  11. [quote user="cityangel"] 3) The board got an easy ride maybe because its intimidating or maybe because the strong characters who are very anti board either wernt there or didn''t ask any questions. Funniest bit [/quote]   That''s disappointing to hear I was hopeing they would get a harder ride than they got, going on what I have read from you two I would say that the meeting overall didn''t fill me with joy, judgeing by some of those answers. Big thanks to you for your report though
  12. [quote user="David Freezer"]He just came on and set-up Leon Knight for the Dons'' 4th goal. Good lad![/quote]   He WILL become a better player than Huckerby in the future, mark my words!!!
  13. *yawn*   Give it a rest Vern, Grant has gone that''s old news now
  14. [quote user="Snakepit boys"] There are no bookmakers running a market! I reckon it is a done deal? [/quote]   Must be, or close enough to a done deal anyway
  15. I think this could be a new era for Norwich City football club, of course we need to wait and see who the new manager is before we can make any rough predictions, but even then whoever it may be deserves a fair chance before people get on his back. I think we have to be careful not to get over carried away at this stage of the season because whoever the new man is he will have a tough job to turn things around with our current squad so don''t expect to be in the top 6 anytime soon, but yeah we have the ability to turn things around with this new manager and of course the prospect of the Turners takeing over from Delia and Michael will hopefully bring a new era to the club for all the right reasons.
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