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  1. NCFC Sinky

    Away Days

    best away game has to be at oakwell been there twice and both 3-1 wins :)

    worst was 2-0 to wolves which somehow was even worse than the thrashing we got at stoke

    best stadium i''ve been to was leicester or hull

    worst stadium was definately bury cyrstal palace is right up there though

  2. NCFC Sinky

    new striker revealed

    and its the last well hear of it as well go away....




  3. NCFC Sinky

    Gow waiting for Roeder

    i don''t understand why everyone is saying he''s going to play in midfield yes he can play there but the majority of the time he played upfront for falkirk and i imagine thats why rangers signed him in the first place
  4. NCFC Sinky

    Apart from Ipswich.......

    Man Utd,Leeds,Wolves,Stoke,Watford and Fulham for me

    i do like Barnsley though they can beat Chelsea and and Liverpool but we can get the double over them that makes me chuckle

  5. NCFC Sinky

    2008/9 Fixture List

    barnsley home or away please that''s 3 points already in the bag haha[:P]
  6. NCFC Sinky

    Doherty going to San Jose?

    he scored one and that was against bury...