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  1. Portsmouth away made sense because we actually up, winning a play off semi final when you''d still have another game to win is pointless!
  2. Well that as well of course :) Should have bought sooner as I knew there allocation was smaller compared too most
  3. Hi, Went into the ticket office today and found out they''ve sold out. Long shot but I don''t suppose anyone has two tickets together they''re willing to sell? Really want to go as it''s another ground to tick off the list! Thanks, Jonny.
  4. Well Peter Crouch would easily be the other CF
  5. Rotherham and Wolves I think will surprise a few people
  6. 1. Wigan 2. Fulham 3. Bolton 4. Derby 5. Cardiff 6. Wolves 8.Norwich 22. Brentford 23. Charlton 24. Leeds United Top Scorer: Hooper unless he''s sold, Grabben
  7. You must be confusing Jonathan Forte with Jose Fonte, Forte is league one at best.
  8. The last one I remember from a league game is Dejan Stefanovic which was an age ago
  9. He wasn''t successful in the Premiership though was he which was the main point of the article? He was brilliant in the championship that''s where all his goals for Forest came from but he got relegated twice with the same team and only scored 7 in the those two seasons. Forest fans and players didn''t like him either as he went on strike. So I still don''t think he was success far from it.
  10. Andy Van der Meyde and Pierre Van Hooijdonk weren''t great successes
  11. Beat me to it Flecky was going to say Chris Cohen was born in Norwich he even scored for us in a 2-1 win up at Forest during are relegation season. Own goals were the only way we scored back in those days :/
  12. I don''t tend to use Norwich that often I like using many different teams mainly teams rated 3 and a half star teams or less I play with Norwich sometimes but teams I prefer playing with the like of Wigan, Bristol City, Charlton, Tranmere and SK Brann I tend to use two formations 4-2-2-2 and 4-1-3-2 attacking formations suit my game   When I play with Norwich I would say the best players are Wes Hoolahan and Andrew Surman, Wes for through balls and Andrew Surman for crossing My Norwich team is usually :                                   Ruddy Naughton  Ayala   Whitbread/Barnett   Tierney                               B.Johnson Pilkington              Hoolahan                 Surman                    Morison              Holt I tend to bring Vaughan and Jackson on for pace if it''s a tight game or I''m behind which works very well.  
  13. Someone who i''ve not seen us play against and not likely to play in a league game any time soon such as Notts County Stevenage, Crawley Town, Wrexham I know they''re banana skins but i''d rather play them than teams we''ve played a dozen times in the last few years derby leeds and hull being examples
  14. I got the Rm would you believe but im absolutely stumped on the LM and RB got the rest of them
  15. Very unlikely people will want to sell tottenham tickets they were snapped up straight away The stupid thing there is always a space next to me in the N&P! You''d be more likely to get a fulham ticket although they are stupidly expensive
  16. I think of people who''ve scored for 5 different clubs! Heskey, Anelka, Robbie Keane i think has had five he might of scored for 6 though...
  17. [quote user="Snakepit Lass"]lol my trip to hull was bad enough on one of those coach trips, driver talks for about an hour about coach toilet lol, i just took my ipod with me and listened to that for 3 hours[/quote] That wouldn''t happen to be coach 3 that you were on would it? that guy does go on a bit haha
  18. [quote user="Snakepit Lass"]Where To Drink? Tim Jones a visiting Aston Villa supporter informs me; ''The Brickmakers pub virtually opposite the stadium car park entrance is now open to away fans. Good atmosphere, friendly Hull fans, Big screen Sky Sports and a burger van outside''. Whilst Villa fan Neil Tate adds; ''There is the nearby Walton Street Social Club that lets in away supporters. Although it costs �1 to go in, it has good cheap beer, is of a good size and offers a separate area for sale of food such as burgers and chips etc.. There were plenty of fellow Villa fans in there during our recent visit. Turn right out of the main car park entrance and it is down the road on the left hand side.'' There are a number of other pubs within a few minutes walk of the stadium, but these are all designated as being for home supporters only. Most Hull fans still seem to be heading for pubs situated around Boothferry Park. These are best avoided by away fans particularly the Silver Cod pub. Otherwise you can head for the nearby City Centre, where there are plenty of pubs to be found. Sam Carroll suggests the ''Linnet & Lark'' on Princes Avenue. As Sam says; ''It has lots of TVs showing Sky Sports, making it perfect to watch the early or late kick off games. It is a 15 minute walk away from the stadium, going across the pedestrian footbridge over the railway line. Also there are a number of other bars dotted along Princes Avenue, which should be okay for away fans to drink in. These include PAVE, which has a great selection of beers from all around the world and quality food. Look out for their "matchday special" pint, pie, peas and mash for just �6. There is ample parking in the streets off the avenue. Closer to the stadium around a 15 minute walk up Walton Street, is the Avenues pub on Chanterlands Avenue, that welcomes both home and away supporters.''[/quote] you just copied and pasted from footballgroundguide.com didn''t you ;)
  19. Has anyone else noticed how Ruddy seems to perform better and seems more commanding away from home than at carrow road? To be honest he was good today grabbed 3 crosses no problem and made and absolutely fantastic fingertip save to keep at 1-0 he distribution kicking an throwing was spot on the majority of the time some have got to stop moaning to be honest I was more concerned with Russell Martin who had a torrid time today against Max Gradel . Not that i''m having a go at him he''s proved me wrong this season I thought R.Martin would struggle and if anything has done coped bette in the championship than he did in league one last season
  20. Only thing i''ve heard transfer wise is that we''re interested in Hearts winger David Templeton who scored against Celtic in the 2-0 a week ago it was on the bbc website so maybe him?
  21. GK:Green RB:Edworthy CB: Fleming CB: Doherty LB: Drury RM: Jonson CM: Francis CM: Mulryne LM: Brennan or Bentley? but I''m sure it was Brennan ST: Huckerby ST Ashton
  22. I wasn''t a fan of him last season, strange how he has done well in the Championship so far and yet I think he was poor in league one he''s won me over though :)
  23. to be fair to him I thought he played well tonight but he didn''t have much of a defence in front of him did he made a great save Holt and Jackson and couldn''t really do anything with the goals could he?
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