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  1. I would rather have Doncaster over Risdale any day of the week. It may not be fashionable but I still think he is a great asset to the club.
  2.   I''m referring to that deeply sad character who started this thread.
  3. The man''s a machine! He won''t stop trying for the team.   Here''s a poem I wrote about one of my favourite walks Would it be amiss To walk from Ixworth to Diss To take lunch in Botesdale Sheltering from a gale? Would it be wrong For the walk to take all day long To perch on a wall In Rickinghall? Would it be uncommon To admire Wortham common On a day''s walking With occasional talking? I would say hello To a passing fellow On my day''s journey For which I had started early Oh the many times I have walked for Ixworth to Diss No finer journey exists Just me And the A143    
  4. I think the Norfolk bors sometimes forget that a huge contingent of Norwich''s support hails from Suffolk. Even places like Stowmarket and Bury!
  5. Agree with you there rum old boy and when we get Ameobi in (and poss one more striker and defender) I think everybody will try to forget the whole sorry affair.
  6. Yeah I forgot sorry. Good old Michael and good old Neil too.      
  7. If Cullum was on board we''d all be looking forward to £600 season tickets next season (with similar buys I imagine) and the club would really stay firmly behind closed doors.
  8. I have a hunch that 99% of the pro Chase anti Delia brigade (those who go as the majority on here it seems who are anti Delia never go at all) are the same bunch of nobs who sang all that Tony Martin crap.
  9. It''s a politics thing in my opinion. Those with left of centre views are in favour of what Delia has done and those from the right are mostly anti and and are more in favour of the Robert Chase model. What the Cullem model is remains to be seen.
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