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  1. [quote user="Jools"]Morty, will be morty~fied [:|][/quote] Why does the harmony seem better on here when he is absent....
  2. Duncan is the clubs biggest happy clapper. And shareholder
  3. [quote user="DDD In The Fine City"]I didn''t see this until now, if you had taken such exception to my question about the wallet being empty you certainly didn''t voice it to my face when you had the chance, but then again if you had decided to throw your pint at me I guess you already know what would have happened, yet again another keyboard warrior from the pink un that goes quiet when they get the chance haha And I did win the raffle so unlucky ha[/quote] I merely put my head in my hands and felt sorry for you. But the evening wasn''t about myself so I didn''t try and the claim centre spot that some of those in the room so badly craved. Stay off the Hooch. Trying to belittle someone like that is uncalled for. Unfortunately for you the response you were seeking wasn''t what you got. How do I pen your phrase you and your sidekick so often use.... "It was just another stick" to beat the old fella with. Well done on the raffle. Hope it wasn''t edible, obesity is a real issue nowadays.
  4. [quote user="morty"]it got boring.[/quote] Didn''t have you down as self aware. And Duncan, a broad range of questions were asked which to be honest, covered what I may have asked. Stone Cold Steve came across extremely well and to be honest, I wouldn''t be too disappointed if he got shot of the interim tag. Disappointed not to win the raffle But again. Great night
  5. E hard? Surely that''s pot kettle. Isn''t that on par with mic hard? I''m not offended just giving my take on it. An opinion. On a forum. Who''d have thought it. But if that doesn''t conform to the forum polices agenda, I can expect to be set upon. Funny how the "wallet is empty" jibe has dried up. Good day to one and all.
  6. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]To be perfectly honest, the moment being referred to was taken in good heart [/quote] Good heart? I saw it as an opportunity to show somebody up in public to be honest. If you believe it to have been "taken in good heart" that''s probably a credit to the guy on the receiving end. It was a cheap shot, I''ve been observing this board from a far for many years, its as clear as day that it was a personal attack. If it was I,that was the brunt of it he (the slightly intoxicated man who appears to have been with our very own morty) would have been wearing my pint.
  7. Kick it off. I don''t know a lot of facts about his tenure, but having just looked at Wolves'' forum they aren''t too disappointed.
  8. Maybe that''s the case Mr Tilson, but I use it regularly and I certainly don''t go there for the ambience. It''s convenient, low overheads, more profit.
  9. Here come the cavalry. Those that mock every decision that the club make are equally, as bad as those that cannot see no wrong. Personally I do not know enough about Moxey to comment, but then I could obtain help from Google and pretend that i do.
  10. The comic sans font would be better used for the boardroom. The new signage looks awful.
  11. [quote user="Duncan Edwards"]No fisticuffs. No needle. Norwich fans all in the same room listening with interest. [/quote] Apart from one absurd attempt at making someone look stupid. The drunk fella on the microphone talking about the clubs wallet being empty, aimed at the retired police man. Cringey.
  12. [quote user="Buckethead"][quote user="Hit Squad"]5 of us are going, used a works address to get the tickets, [/quote] Good work!! We lived in Great Baddow for a while, it was handy for Marconi so I''ll be attending with a Col Who season ticket holder. [:D] [/quote] [Y] BUt dont let Jibba know....he''ll track you down [;)]
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