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  1. NICK07

    Spurs tickets

    Well that was a case of perseverance paying off. Got through online at 9.15, Spurs cup tickets all sold out. Kept refreshing the page and I managed to get 2 tickets at 9.40, just as was about to give up trying.
  2. Great, just as Storm Ciara has gone, we now have Storm Dennis coming this weekend. Current forecast is for 50 mph winds in Norwich on Saturday afternoon. Fingers crossed that those winds don’t get any worse and cause the Liverpool match to be postponed.
  3. NICK07

    Aston Villa Tickets

    Well after failing this morning to get any tickets for Man United, at the second attempt I managed to get tickets this afternoon for Aston Villa. I guess with the returned tickets you just need to be lucky, as these were on sale at 2pm, when I thought any returned tickets would appear at 9am one morning of the week of the match.
  4. Oh i do love the ticket website, not !!! I had two tickets in the Regency Security Stand Block PL for the Aston Villa home match in my basket, updated the tickets onto two separate membership cards all ok. Went to pay for them, put in all the card details all ok, clicked on pay now and it came up with an error message saying check you are logged in, which i clearly was. Tried this three times, no joy. then it says i have no tickets in my basket. Ended up not getting any tickets for the match, not happy !!!
  5. Thank you. Now joined the group.
  6. How do you go about joining this Facebook group?
  7. NICK07

    Manchester City Tickets

    Noted thanks. Is is worth phoning a few days before the match or now?
  8. NICK07

    Manchester City Tickets

    Home Premier Membership.
  9. I tried to get tickets this morning for Manchester City, but sadly no joy. i did manage to get 1 ticket in my basket, but sadly that's no good when you are trying to get 2 tickets for the match. Anyway from the experience of the sales for the Newcastle and Chelsea matches, is there any chance of tickets popping up for sale at a later date?
  10. After the way the sales have gone for the first two home matches of the season (sold out in less than an hour to home premier member), does anyone think there is any point in buying a standard home membership this season for trying to buy home tickets? I am thinking not. The reason for asking is that I haven't bought a membership card yet for this season and the sales of the premier home membership are ending tomorrow. So if I want any chance of getting home tickets this season I am thinking I may have to act tomorrow and buy the premier membership.
  11. I have 2 tickets available for the Bristol City match next Saturday. One Adult ticket, one 65+ ticket. Happy to sell the adult ticket on its own if need be and will sell for less than face value.
  12. NICK07

    Train Strike

    So one problem is solved tonight and almost straight away another problem starts. I finally managed tonight to get 2 tickets for the final and about half hour later I hear about the planned train strike. I am alright as I live just outside London, but my Mum is planning to be traveling from Kings Lynn to London on Monday by train. Anyone know of any coach firms or supporters clubs in the Kings Lynn area who are running coaches to London on Monday?
  13. NICK07

    flipping eck!

    Took about 45 mins in the queue to get in, but finally managed to get 2 tickets for the final. Near the back in the upper tier, but in is in and very happy to have got the tickets.
  14. NICK07

    Ticket Confusion

    If you are hoping for a general sale at some stage, it now seems like it is the case of ''find a friend'' (with ticket priority) for the extra ticket sale at 6pm tomorrow. Sadly I think my chances of getting two tickets for the final are now just slightly above zero.